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CA Operational Intelligence

Comprehensive operational intelligence spans cloud to mainframe for proactive issue resolution and improved efficiency.

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AIOps for Hybrid IT Environments

IT operations leaders are being asked to manage increasingly complex environments that span from the mainframe to a range of cloud and distributed platforms. CA Operational Intelligence helps IT operations teams deliver a phenomenal user experience, improve service quality and boost operational efficiencies. Unlike other solutions, it provides the most comprehensive service intelligence, analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sources from the cloud to the mainframe. Built on an open, scalable data lake, the solution helps your IT teams act on potential issues much earlier, isolate the real root cause faster and ultimately remediate issues before they affect the business.

Leveraging years of CA expertise, the CA Operational Intelligence solution features pre-packaged algorithms and integrations with leading CA monitoring and automation tools, which speeds time to insight and value. In addition, the solution automatically correlates related alerts to better predict cascading events—before they spiral out of control. The solution provides more accurate and actionable insights by automatically tracking relevant issues and focusing in on related symptoms, which helps less experienced IT operations staff find the root cause of issues faster.

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Key Capabilities of CA Operational Intelligence

Most comprehensive contextual intelligence

Most Comprehensive, Contextual Intelligence

The solution provides service-centric insights for hybrid IT with the most depth and breadth. It analyzes structured and unstructured data from sources that range from cloud environments to mainframes including user experience, metric, alarm, log, topology, text and API data.

Pre-configured algorithms & integrations

Pre-Configured Algorithms and Integrations

The solution comes with built-in machine learning-driven algorithms, dashboards and integrations, with leading CA monitoring tools and third-party sources. The solution provides immediate insight and speeds time-to-value.

Predictive Actionable Intelligence

Predictive Actionable Intelligence

The solution allows you to respond sooner, with actionable intelligence that dynamically alerts you of potential bottlenecks or abnormal operations patterns.

Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation

The operational intelligence solution helps drive self-healing operations through automated actions and feedback loops.

AIOps: Essentials of Root Cause Analytics

Today's modern applications that span mainframe to multi-cloud environments have become very challenging to monitor and manage. To address this complexity, you need algorithmic IT and artificial intelligence as the means to detect and predict problems faster, and automate self-healing and recovery processes to optimize efficiency and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

By adopting an AIOps-based approach, your teams can have the analytical foundation upon which to collect, group, correlate and visualize more complex performance conditions that span across applications, infrastructures and networks. Explore how your teams can gain complete visibility across modern, hybrid environments.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence

Easily Predict Issues 

Take actions earlier with predictive insight and smarter alarms.

Reduce False Alerts

Cluster relevant alerts and suppress noise through algorithmic insight, for faster time-to-repair and time-to-resolution.

Speed Root Cause Analysis

Gain broader service level views through topology information stored in a dynamic graphical database, which  enables automated root cause analysis and saves you from wasting hours  in triage calls.

Proactively Optimize Resources

Get predictive insights into utilization across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments, and effortlessly detect hot spots and wasted systems resources.

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