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Release Management and Automation

Accelerate and optimize app releases for the modern software factory.

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So long spreadsheets, scripting and silos. Hello automation.

Today’s modern software factory relies on end-to-end automation to release applications that deliver awesome customer experiences. CA’s release management solutions take on the complexity of ever-evolving enterprise applications and environments—streamlining, visualizing and optimizing application delivery from mobile to mainframe. With CA solutions, you can ensure the right application content is deployed to the right environments at the right time. Actively manage testing workflows for intelligent, continuous testing and better quality. Connect teams from development to operations for closer collaboration and efficiency. Link your DevOps toolchain for complete visibility, analytics and continuous improvement.

Continuous delivery at enterprise scale with CA release management and automation

Streamline and accelerate.

Automate and standardize deployments through dev, test and production, mobile to mainframe.

Visualize and manage the entire pipeline.

Manage parallel releases from planning to production, driving continuous testing and collaboration.

Continually optimize.

Leverage analytics to improve processes, time-to-resolution, productivity and quality.

Automation Foundation for the Modern Software Factory

Automation Foundation for the Modern Software Factory

To compete in today’s application economy, companies must be able to build and release software quickly, frequently, and with exceptional quality—with no delays or disruptions. CA’s tool-agnostic, cross-platform and multi-stack solutions mean that development teams can continue using the tools they are most comfortable with, while DevOps teams can collaboratively build automated deployment and release management processes that work for everyone across the DevOps toolchain—from planning through production. Build the automation foundation of your modern software factory today.

Access mission control for the modern software factory.

CA Continuous Delivery Director drives multi-app release planning and management, intelligent continuous testing, and actionable analytics leveraging integrations across the DevOps toolchain.

Automate your DevOps toolchain and deployments end-to-end.

With CA Automic Release Automation, you can achieve consistent, predictable, repeatable and auditable deployments across the continuous delivery pipeline—dev, test and production. 

Catalyze adoption of DevOps for mainframe.

Extend a continuous delivery process that applies key quality measures like integration testing, UAT, system & performance testing and pre-production validations to mainframe environments with CA Mainframe Solutions.

Continuous Testing

The Truth: Continuous Testing gets you to Continuous Delivery


Ignite innovation through the continuous development of quality applications.


Maximize visibility from mobile to mainframe with application and infrastructure monitoring.

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