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Full-Stack Monitoring for Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

Get deep, proactive insights into user experience with integrated Application Performance Management and unified app-to-infrastructure visibility.

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Solve problems faster with full-stack monitoring and analytics.

In today’s application economy, your app is your business. Although performance and reliability are top priorities, IT Ops teams struggle to keep up with the complexity and scale of new modern software applications. They need help. Enter, the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).

What is SRE?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies that to IT operations problems. The main goals are to create ultra-scalable and highly reliable software systems. According to Ben Treynor, founder of Google's Site Reliability Team, SRE is "what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations." Essentially, SRE combines IT Ops roles of architect, tools developer, and operations into one. An SRE is responsible for all of these roles, with a focus on automation and developing the tooling to reduce the reactive work.

SRE is what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations.

Ben Treyno, Google’s original SRE lead

SRE is an intense IT pit crew—like changing the tires on a race car as it’s going 100mph.

Jessica Safir, “Site Reliability Engineers: the ‘world’s most intense pit crew"

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Todd Palino on How the New Role of Site Reliability Engineer is Redefining Operations in a DevOps World

Empowering SREs With Insights

Now, the only way to create and conduct business at scale is through engineering reliability managed in an unprecedented manner. The demand for digital experiences and the advent of complex cloud architectures has shifted the operational focus. It’s no longer about keeping the lights on. It’s instead about performance. The apps have to work well, the experience has to be great and the infrastructure behind it needs continual monitoring.

The trouble with monitoring application environments is that there are hundreds of thousands of monitoring data points. Containers and cloud platforms are blurring the lines between applications and infrastructure, while DevOps increases the pace of delivery. In particular, containers now package an application and all of its dependencies in an abstracted layer that requires a combined view of infrastructure and applications. How do you prioritize which data points are useful and which can be ignored? Alarm storms aren’t helpful. They prompt panic and fatigue instead of resolution and improvement.

And when a crucial incident does occur, how do you quickly mitigate it? The necessary SRE approach is to optimize and automate monitoring for every team–freeing up their valuable time to improve code, apps and business services. In fact, one of the core principles mandates that SREs can only spend 50 percent of their time on Ops work. As much of their time as possible should be spent writing code and building systems to improve performance and operational efficiency.

What if you could empower SREs with the insights needed to drive improvements? What if instead of the typical war rooms and on-call burn out, SREs had a trusted guide to quickly fix problems?

CA Digital Experience Insights provides a “just add water” approach by providing SaaS-based full stack monitoring and analytics tools for SREs. Aggregate or higher-level metrics in your existing monitoring tools might tell you what the problem is, but not always why it exists. App to infra correlation in CA Digital Experience Insights enables SREs and other operations pros to triangulate the “why” of a particular issue with raw event data. CA Digital Experience Insights provides SREs with deep, proactive insights into user experience with integrated APM and unified app-to-infrastructure visibility.

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