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CA Automic Process Analytics

Complete Visibility of All Your Business Process Deliveries

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Identify critical-path conditions and bottlenecks in your automation environment.

Business is accelerating. Agility is the watchword. And organizations need to respond with lightning speed to change. Automation of your mission-critical business processes is an imperative in this age of digital transformation. You need visibility into every business process in order to achieve your business goals and optimize efficiency. You also require a centralized, end-to-end view on your processing to identify critical path conditions and bottlenecks in your environment.

Any delay of an activity in the critical path, for example, can directly impact the planned processing completion time. Moreover, the impact of any delay will not be readily obvious to the business activities.

Complete Visibility Into Your Automation Processes

CA Automic Process Analytics—with CA Automic Workload Automation—gives you complete visibility into the end-to-end automation processes you need to deliver your critical digital services on time. Critical path analysis gives you insight into the critical processing path for on-time service delivery, including current and estimated runtimes, allowing you to understand which processing steps you need to monitor more closely and optimize your processing. Graphical forecasting enables you to plan future workloads and maintenance windows.

CA Automic Process Analytics offers a time based end-to-end view of your automated processing. This view enables you to see what has happened in the past, what is currently running and what will happen in the future. This allows you to control, reorganize and improve your processing. With CA Automic Process Analytics you can show business users how long it will take to finish mission critical processes, to optimally plan maintenance windows and integrate future processing by looking at forecast data.

CA Automic Process Analytics Features

Critical-Path Analysis

Any delay of an activity in the critical path directly impacts the planned processing completion time. Critical path analysis helps you identify the critical path and discover improvement opportunities.

End-to-End Process Monitoring

A time-based Gantt view allows you to view all of your processes at once. For your business users, it provides a view on “where are we in the process.” You can also immediately jump into a specific process and filter individual views.

Graphical Forecasting

Identify the most suitable time to schedule new processing and also for maintenance windows. CA Automic Process Analytics offers realistic, optimistic and pessimistic forecasts.

CA Automic Process Analytics Benefits

Process Visibility

Gain visibility through an end-to-end view on all your processes.

Accurate Communications

Streamline and accelerate accurate communications between teams.

Process Optimization and Planning

Optimize your processing with critical path analysis and graphical forecasting.

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