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CA Agile Transformation Consulting

CA Agile Transformation Consulting is the safest, most structured and fastest way to adopt agile practices across your organization. Realize the benefits of agile transformation by working closely with an experienced consultant who has navigated these waters before, and who will partner with your agile champions and your leadership team to drive success.

Business Challenges

The agile approach to developing software is a key differentiator in a fiercely competitive business environment and brings with it benefits including faster time to market, higher quality products and happy customers. But achieving business agility in your organization requires far more than just installing a software development methodology. It requires organizational, structural and cultural changes that impact your entire business—from product management to the PMO to finance to human resources.

Key Outcomes

  • Work with an experienced transformation consultant to successfully adopt agile practices enterprise-wide
  • Maximize the impact of your investment in agile methods
  • Move closer to business agility by transforming your organization structurally and culturally
  • Learn how to adjust your transformation plan regularly, and determine how well your organization can respond to change

Key Services Features

  • Gain visibility into your organization’s current state
  • Build a set of goals and bottom-line results and metrics
  • Co-create a plan to reach your goals that involves coaching, training and product support
  • Form a transformation team to guide your efforts, remove blocks and accommodate changes
  • Create realistic plans and coordinate agile development to deploy faster
  • Develop internal coaching capabilities via one-on-one mentoring

Offering Overview

Realize the benefits of agile transformation through careful planning. Infusing agility into your organization’s DNA involves linking three vital areas: business, portfolio and execution. Let experienced CA Agile transformation consultants help your organization achieve real agility at all levels.

Build a high-performing company of energized people by partnering with your transformation consultant to:

  • Develop a shared view of your organization’s current state and see where existing practices are already producing results
  • Build a set of goals and bottom-line metrics and results for your organization
  • Co-create a plan to reach those goals, including plans for coaching, training and product support
  • Form and coach a transformation team to manage your backlog of organizational change activities, remove roadblocks and guide your organization’s efforts
  • Adjust your transformation plan regularly, incorporating lessons about how agile methods work in your business and how your organization responds to change
  • Develop your internal coaching capabilities through ongoing, one-on-one mentoring

Deploy strategy with agility. Don’t let uncoordinated pockets of agile adoption bring uneven results. Instead, let us help you lead a thoughtful agile adoption that drives real impact. CA Agile transformation consultants can help your organization create realistic plans from aspirational strategies, coordinate agile at scale development and deploy faster.

We take an agile approach to the transformation effort. Your consultant will help form and guide an agile transformation team that’s focused on successful adoption. This allows your leaders to experience the planning, execution and reflection that’s critical to successful agile delivery, while accomplishing the adoption goals and without abandoning their other responsibilities. Recognizing that empirical learning is a big part of the process, your leadership team will convene regularly to reflect on progress toward your goals and refine the backlog of activities to more effectively achieve the outcomes that your business seeks.

Follow structured, predictable frameworks. CA Agile Transformation Consulting employs four phases of enterprise agile adoption to make your transformation more predictable and successful. Each phase—Discover, Launch, Accelerate, Advance—has unique objectives, benefits, risks and exit criteria.

Enterprise Agile Transformation

CA has worked with more than 40 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Your transformation consultant is the ideal partner to help your leadership maximize the impact of your investment in agile practices, minimize the risks associated with a complex change effort and guide your organization through this challenging yet rewarding experience. Channeling our massive passion to see businesses succeed, we’ve helped more than 1,000 companies achieve execution and business agility for measurable results.