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CA Service Operations Insight Implementation Services

CA Service Operations Insight (CA SOI) Implementation Services enable you to leverage the powerful capabilities of CA SOI to deliver faster value by allowing you to correlate and analyze information from your infrastructure, application performance and other IT management tools in real time. This delivers the ability to accurately visualize services, calculate service quality and determine what impacts quality and what puts it at risk.

CA Services provides expertise to help you deploy, run and operate CA SOI so you can more effectively pinpoint, prioritize and resolve service issues across your IT supply chain. It enables you to minimize risk, improve service quality and predictability and optimize operational efficiency–whether you operate within a traditional or cloud-connected enterprise.

Our professionals will work with you to verify your solution architecture and design, perform configuration and quality assurance in multiple environments, implement the solution in the production environment and deliver knowledge transfer in support of a longer term solution roadmap.

Business Challenges

Downtime and service degradation undermines confidence. The ability to see a complete end-to-end view of service health and availability across management domains to deliver reliable performance and a positive user experience.

Delayed decisions affect performance. Removing the guess-work from identifying fault and performance issues across the network, systems, database and application monitoring tools drives a proactive approach to monitoring and management, while improving performance and reducing outage risks.

Reporting does not reflect unique business environment. Decisions depend on having timely, accurate and thorough reporting that is an accurate reflection of your business environment. 

Key Benefits/Results

  • Improve service quality by pinpointing sources of issues across technology domains
  • Improve service predictability by identifying risks and resolving issues before quality is impacted
  • Optimize operations by reducing manual labor for alert and service management, reducing triage and mean-time-to-repair and improving communication and collaboration

Key Features

CFlexible integration

  • Integrates with several CA Technologies and third-party solutions
  • CA Catalyst integration platform reconciles and synchronizes data in CA SOI and across domain managers
  • Unifies health and availability information
  • Dashboard displays are appropriate to business function for focus and accuracy and support alignment of business and IT objectives

Event and alert management.

  • Manages full stream of events and alerts from all integrated products
  • Consolidated view enables automatic escalation for faster response and resolution across domains
  • Alert queues, event management and search, define and filter are based on simple or complex event policies
  • Manager of Managers (MOM) capability automatically opens and routes CA Service Desk tickets

Diverse deployment options.

  • Typical deployment
  • Tiered deployment
  • High-volume event management deployment.
  • High availability deployment.
  • UI Server farm deployment.

Offering Overview

Our CA Services experts provide the expertise and support you need to optimize your technology solution. We collaborate with you to identify and document your requirements, and establish a metrics baseline that enables you to measure improvements from newly streamlined processes.

The CA Services team is with you through the entire process, taking a phased approach to start your transformation, and is committed to getting you positioned for success by utilizing best practices developed over thousands of engagements.

CA Services rapidly creates and deploys your technology solution to meet business requirements and accelerate its value, starting with foundation services for CA SOI to speed solution deployment, reduce loss of workforce productivity and accelerate time-to-value. Once your foundation is in place, the CA Services experts help you extend the value of your solution with acceleration services.

Unified management unifies health and availability information from domain management tools and aligns them with IT services. Introducing a new service management layer for infrastructure and using an open and extensible integration platform helps deliver more value from existing technology investments.

Flexible integration between several CA Technologies and third-party applications which work with the CA Catalyst integration platform to reconcile and synchronize data in CA SOI and across the domain managers.

Role-based dashboards display service management data that supports required business functions in an appropriate format so operations staff can focus their efforts, and business and IT objectives are in alignment.

Consolidated view, with CA SOI serving as a comprehensive level one operations console to manage the stream of events and alerts from all integrated products. See a consolidated view of all alerts, enabling automatic escalation with faster routing and resolution across domains—all from a single interface.

Powerful capabilities to power performance, including alert queues to group logical categories of alerts, an event management layer that supports detailed event searches and interfaces for defining simple and complex event policies for event filtering, correlation and enrichment.

Foundation Services

With foundation services for CA SOI, CA Services rapidly creates and deploys a solution to address business requirements and accelerate your return on investment. This implementation speeds solution deployment, reduces loss of workforce productivity and accelerates time-to-value to get you up and running quickly. You can then extend the value of the solution by adding acceleration packages.

Implementation and configuration of typical CA SOI deployments occurs across multiple servers utilizing one or more of the following deployment scenarios.

Typical deployment

A typical, multi-server deployment consists of the following:

  • SA Manager: ActiveMQ Server, CA Catalyst infrastructure, service discovery, mid-tier connector
  • UI Server (installed on separate server)
  • CA Business Intelligence and CA SOI Reports
  • CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM)

Additional deployment options include:

  • Tiered deployment
  • High volume event management deployment
  • High availability deployment
  • UI Server Farm Deployment

Acceleration Services

Acceleration services for CA SOI enable you to add functionality to your foundation implementation to extend the value of the solution. The following acceleration services are available:

  • Connector Integration
  • CMDB Integration
  • BMC Remedy/ATRIUM Integration
  • CA Catalyst Connector for HP uCMDB
  • Service Desk Integration 
  • BMC Remedy Integration
  • HP Service Manager Integration
  • Universal Help Desk Integration

Connector Integration acceleration services

Each of the following Connector Integration Acceleration Services is supported:

  • SCOM
  • CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager (CA Spectrum)
  • CA Application Performance Management
  • Project & Portfolio Management 
  • Network Performance Center
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid
  • CA Automation Suite for Clouds
  • Other supported connector Integration

Dozens of connector integrations are available for CA SOI. Your CA Services professional can provide you with a complete list.

Service Desk Integration acceleration services

The CA Service Desk integration with CA SOI leverages the Routing to the Right Resolver (RRR) system. RRR is a unique methodology that enables the enrichment of an enterprise event flow, and the ability to precisely determine the correct resolver to route when a CA Service Desk ticket is raised.

The RRR system can use multiple sources for event flow including, but not limited to: CA Spectrum, CA Application Performance Cloud Monitor, IBM Tivoli and more. Using data contained in the enriched event flow enables you to route an event ticket to the correct individual, team or service for remediation.

CMDB Integration acceleration services

Integration with the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) or CA Configuration Management Database (CA CMDB) is facilitated with the CA SDM connector. The connector queries CA SDM and CA CMDB for information about the object and transmits the information through the connector framework to CA Service Operations Insight for Systems and Networks, where the object data is published to CA Catalyst. The connector can invoke operations such as creating incidents, problems and change orders.

The CA SDM connector provides a repository of CIs and their relationships, which can be used to view CIs impacted by change events.

BMC Remedy Integration acceleration services

When a CA SOI alert or BMC Remedy incident is cleared or other updates occur, the BMC Remedy incident is configured to close automatically when its associated alert is cleared in CA SOI. When an alert is cleared in CA SOI, an automatic incident closure is configured for the status of an associated incident in BMC Remedy.

CA Process Automation is required for automated incident closure. Appropriate licensing is required.

BMC Remedy/ATRIUM Integration acceleration services

Use the BMC Remedy/ATRIUM integration to integrate with BMC Remedy/ATRIUM. The BMC ATRIUM database provides a consolidated and up-to-date view of the processes, users and technologies that comprise your business and IT infrastructure. The BMC Remedy/ ATRIUM integration collects and represents the intricate relationships available in your IT environment and enables you to optimize your IT operation and mitigate operational risks.

HP Service Manager Integration acceleration services

Use HP Service Manager integration to integrate with this help desk. CA Catalyst Connector for HP Service Manager collects the incident, problem, change, contact and interaction CIs from the Service Manager and synchronizes any updates for these objects. The HP Service Manager Connector uses the HP Service Manager web services to communicate with the HP Service Manager.

CA Process Automation is required for automated incident closure. A basic CA Process Automation license is required for proper operation. 

CA Catalyst Connector for HP uCMDB acceleration services

Use the HP Universal Configuration Management Database (HP uCMDB) integration to integrate with this database. The CA Catalyst connector for the HP uCMDB provides a reliable view of the components of an IT organization, such as computers, servers, printers and people and shows the relationships among those components. 

Key features of this CA Catalyst connector:

  • Facilitates effective delivery of business services
  • Supports seamless compliance to organizational standards
  • Supports integration with other MDRs through Integration Studio
  • Tracks CI changes to trace any disruption to services
  • Facilitates impact analysis of maintenance or upgrades

Universal Help Desk Integration acceleration services

Use the Universal Help Desk API to integrate with other help desk products. Configure a custom integration with third party help desk products using the Universal Help Desk API. The Universal Help Desk API can interface with help desk products through web services or local calls.