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CA IDMS M3A Services

An Application Management Service

CA IDMS™ is a proven, reliable, high-performance database management system (DBMS) for IBM z Systems™. The solution provides outstanding business value for enterprises and government organizations worldwide, and is designed to deliver rapid response time and 24/7 availability for important applications and services. 

CA IDMS M3A (Monitor, Measure, Manage, Alert) Services provide remote managed services for your IDMS environments to help support your mission-critical applications at a predictable cost with precision, quality and value.

Business Challenges

The mainframe continues to be a crucial platform that supports key activities including transaction processing, mobile and big data analytics within your IT environment. But with many technical workers retiring, organizations face a growing skills concern and IT professionals need to tackle challenges, such as:

  • Supporting the business that is still, and will continue to be, dependent on the power, scalability, security and reliability of the mainframe platform
  • Maintaining the library of knowledge built up over decades with existing staff members
  • Finding viable options to expand the education and training of the next generation of mainframers

Key Outcomes

  • Proven experience with access to M3A technical staff and a knowledge base with 30+ years of DBMS expertise
  • Greater productivity and resource effectiveness
  • Flexibility and a range of options to augment your CA IDMS workforce
  • Large resource pool with experts available to assist in a critical situation or in case of emergency

Key Services Features

Ensures continuity of operations of your CA IDMS environments to improve your mainframe solution value

Offers remote access that provides a low-cost alternative to dedicated onsite resources and allows for the partial use of a technical resource

Provides proactive improvement and tuning of your CA solutions to maximize your investment

Delivers regular reporting to demonstrate value of M3A month over month, as well as progress against system objectives

Offering Overview

CA IDMS M3A Services can provide your organization with a simple way to augment and enhance existing resources, and support your CA IDMS environments with flexibility and predictability—now and in the future.

CA IDMS M3A Service activities focus on the tasks or functions needed to maintain and manage the service levels of your CA IDMS environments.

M3A start-up activities include:

  • An initial interview to establish the basic understanding of the CA IDMS environments
  • An initial inventory to gather key CA IDMS environment reports that can be used to build an inventory of CA IDMS resources and user database resources
  • An initial performance baseline to gather certain key CA IDMS environment reports that can be used to build a performance baseline and resource consumption
  • An initial site report that produces a baseline of the CA IDMS environments
Intended to be flexible to meet your operational schedule, M3A daily activities include:
  • Reviews of current system activity to determine if any performance issues exist
  • Reviews of recent activity logs to look for error conditions, waits and other interruptions that may have occurred in the service
  • Reviews of recent record and table activity to look for table growth, significant row/ occurrence maintenance and index activity that may affect performance and service levels
  • Alerts on required corrective activity, mainly utility functions such as index maintenance, database reorganization and database expansions 
Designed to revisit the various start-up measurement activities and update the CA IDMS environment baselines to demonstrate the value delivered by the M3A service, M3A monthly activities include an updated site report that shows the current state compared to the initial implementation. 

Prerequisite M3A Activities

CA IDMS M3A Service activities require that the CA IDMS environments be at a supported release with reasonable access to the tools necessary to monitor and manage the environment. Because M3A Services are generally delivered remotely, appropriate access will be required.

In addition to M3A providing administration and functional support of your CA IDMS environment to solve resource issues, CA Education can provide a longer-term solution. We can help develop your next generation of mainframers with training and education ranging from the Mainframe e-Learning Library to Mainframe Academy. Learn more.