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Mainframe Services from CA Technologies

Can you make your mainframe platform the strongest player in a team computing environment—supporting mobile, big data, massive transaction processing and business critical applications?

With help from CA Services, your mainframe can more directly support your top initiatives, run faster and remain secure while delivering greater value to your IT ecosystem.

Mainframe Services from CA Technologies can help you employ more of the inherent strengths of this important platform as you and your mainframe move into the cloud-connected, virtualized, businessfocused application economy. CA Services will help architect, implement, optimize and run your portfolio of technologies on your mainframe, moving your business forward.

Supporting Your Business

Whether your priority is to reduce the costs and risks associated with daily maintenance of your mainframe, to achieve greater efficiencies by adopting new innovative approaches to mainframe management or to streamline your portfolio of mainframe technologies, CA Services is a partner in helping you derive maximum results from your mainframe investment.

With mainframe experts focused on your success with solutions from CA Technologies, CA Services brings the full power of CA Technologies architects, project managers, services consultants and delivery managers to meet your needs across five major categories of services:

  • Application management services and staff augmentation services
  • Assessment services
  • Core system consulting programs
  • Implementation and upgrade services
  • Optimization services
These service capabilities span mainframe technologies from CA Technologies and third party vendors1 :
  • Mainframe 2.0
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application performance management
  • Application quality and testing tools
  • Big data management
  • Data modeling
  • Data transport
  • Database administration
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database performance management
  • Databases
  • Linux® management
  • Modernization and application development
  • Network management
  • Output management and enterprise report management
  • PCI compliance
  • Resource management
  • Security management
  • Session management
  • Software change management
  • Storage management for enterprise
  • Systems management
  • Transaction management
  • Workload automation

The Mainframe team at CA Technologies is actively enhancing and developing new solutions focused on the mainframe platform and on bridging mainframe, distributed, cloud and mobile solutions.

Assessment Services

With budgets, time and staff resources in short supply—and with execution so critical—strong execution and prioritization is more necessary than ever. Assessment services from CA Technologies will help you accurately evaluate your current state and discover trade-offs, document considerations and prioritize opportunities for achieving a desired future state.

CA Services offers assessments for a wide range of situations. A few examples include:

  • Best practices and product usage assessments
  • Configuration and optimization assessments
  • Core system consulting programs
  • Migration planning (across product versions and from one vendor to CA Technologies)
  • Performance assessments
  • Security, compliance and auditing assessments

Product and Solution Healthchecks

CA Services professionals review your current product and solution configurations and interviews IT staff to assess actual results versus targets for implementations, product usage, roll-out procedures, use cases and configuration options. Healthchecks from CA Technologies provide documented technical findings and a prioritized plan for improving your current CA Technologies product and solution implementations.

Mainframe Value Program

On-site service engagements provide product usage reviews of your deployed mainframe technologies from CA Technologies. In-depth assessments evaluate results in areas such as alignment to business goals, performance, reliability and maintainability. CA Services delivers a comprehensive report with recommendations to do more with your mainframe solutions from CA Technologies.

Implementation and Upgrade Services

When it is time to upgrade to the latest release or implement a new solution, you want to minimize operational risk, get your mainframe team productive quickly and demonstrate a strong ROI. Our experts on CA Mainframe Software Manager, the mainframe solutions from CA technologies stack and underlying mainframe technologies can deliver prescriptive approaches built from thousands of site engagements and years of experience.

Whether you are primarily focused on schedule, the scope of work or cost, CA Services can assist to plan for, design, implement and verify a successful transition to the latest advances in mainframe management from CA Technologies.

CA Services for mainframe will work with you to understand and to select or create the optimal approach for your specific situation.

An important first step is to gain a detailed understanding of your organization’s requirements. Deployment playbooks from CA Services help expedite implementations with proven, pre-built content. They include comprehensive questionnaires—spanning business drivers, functional requirements, governance initiatives, use cases, reliability and security concerns, operating constraints and more.

Gathering this critical information at the outset of a project helps ensure that subsequent phases deliver results that align with your business needs. Solution run books from CA Services provide customized instructions covering all aspects of your installation, including start-up and shut-down procedures, backup requirements, risk mitigation, security controls, tuning information and troubleshooting guides.

  • Proactive application monitoring
  • Healthchecks
  • Implementation and solution enhancements
  • Upgrades
  • Architectural guidance
  • Education
  • Supplementary support

Application Management Services and Staff Augmentation Services

Application management services from CA Technologies provide a flexible SLA-based model supported by experienced mainframe resources from CA Technologies. With a customer engagement framework that simplifies budgeting, reduces risk and drives ongoing innovation and improvements, these resources can deliver a wide range of services which go beyond typical incident management and administration by offering flexible “as-a-service” options for support, optimization and operational assistance and enhanced services.

Staff augmentation services extend the staffing levels of your mainframe team with experienced resources from CA Services. Staff augmentation engagements may be of any duration and be used for clearly defined, fixed-scope projects or for more open-ended contracts that span multiple years or multiple CA solutions. With staff augmentation from CA Technologies, organizations facing reductions in mainframe staff and expertise or which anticipate needs for dedicated mainframe skills on scheduled projects can offset internal risks and direct labor costs by working with a trusted mainframe partner.

Optimization Services

Given the volume of work conducted by your mainframe, even incremental gains to optimize performance, reduce CPU consumption and streamline processes can pay enormous dividends. The challenge is that the large volume of work combined with the complex systems, databases, applications and networks involved means that your staff may lack the time and/or expertise needed to reach and maintain a more optimal state.

No one knows CA Technologies better than CA Services. We also know the mainframe. Optimization services from CA Technologies can help you:

  • Discover low effort, incremental changes that deliver significant gains in performance
  • Objectively evaluate your product usage and alignment to best practices
  • Correct erroneous or outdated configuration settings
  • Implement cross-solution integration and automation that has not been fully deployed or has been overlooked
  • Perform periodic top-to-bottom health checks that deliver meaningful results
Core System Consulting Program
Your mainframe infrastructure is an integral part of your overall IT ecosystem. For large, complex enterprises, the mainframe can act as a fulcrum where mainframe management efficiencies and cost savings ripple through everything downstream in IT that is directly—or even loosely—coupled to your mainframe platform.
At the same time, accumulated layers of software from scores of vendors, redundant functionality, unnecessarily high licensing costs and missed opportunities for integration and automation can undermine the value of your mainframe infrastructure.
Core system consulting program services from CA Technologies help address these challenges so the value of your mainframe infrastructure can benefit your broader IT infrastructure as you compete and grow in the in the application economy.
These services help you leverage your existing mainframe investments, assess ways to improve efficiencies and uncover opportunities for additional integration and automation within your mainframe portfolio and with your other computing platforms.
What sets CA Technologies apart from other mainframe vendors is our breadth of mainframe expertise, proven solutions that span IT silos and computing platforms, from mainframe to mobile, and our commitment to your mainframe management success through better utilization of software.
CA Services offers a proven, collaborative methodology to evaluate the current state of your full mainframe software portfolio, consider scenarios of a preferred future state and then assess the associated financial, operational and strategic benefits to achieving your desired results.
These services offer a comprehensive program that, with sponsorship from client executives and best practices from CA Services, delivers measureable, long term results. For more information, please read about our Core System Consulting Program.
Delivering Business Value
Your mainframe delivers great business value for every record it stores, transaction it processes and customer it helps to support. No other platform offers the security, reliability, efficiency and cost-effective results available on the mainframe.
With the onset of cloud computing, the drive for greater adoption of virtualization and pressure to compete in the application economy, there is no better time to extend the inherent strengths of the mainframe by enlisting CA Services. Mainframe Services from CA Technologies can help you:
  • Identify the best opportunities for improving mainframe efficiencies and extending integration and automation
  • Align mainframe management software to better achieve or exceed service level agreements
  • Increase ROI by applying the strengths of your mainframe portfolio to the application economy
  • Reduce maintenance costs and speeding new implementations of mainframe solutions
  • Improve management processes to reduce the burden on limited staff