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Cloud Standards: Agreements That Hold Together Clouds



In Cloud Standards, Marvin Waschke discusses important existing and future cloud standards. For an engineer's work, an architect designing cloud systems, a product manager collecting and evaluating products or an executive evaluating the feasibility of a project, Cloud Standards provides a wealth of information in unprecedented detail.

For existing standards, Cloud Standards focuses on how they are used, providing practical advice to engineers who are constructing clouds and services to be deployed on clouds. For future standards, the focus is on why a standard is needed, what the benefits will be and what is being done now to fill the gap.

The book also provides insight into cloud implementations, which Waschke posits as the culmination of many trends in software and hardware engineering. Much of the foundation for these developments has been crystallized in the form of standards like TCP/IP and HTTP, and Waschke discusses how these contribute to and affect cloud implementations.

What you’ll learn from Cloud Standards:

  • The ability to identify the appropriate standards to apply in all aspects of cloud implementations and the design and construction of software to be deployed on the cloud
  • How to apply the standards once they are identified as well as the strengths of specific standards
  • How the cloud works as well as its strengths and vulnerabilities
Who this book is for:
Cloud Standards is aimed at trained software engineers, architects, product managers and knowledgeable executives who are accustomed to working in an enterprise IT environment. Readers will be aided by familiarity with basic programming practices and common software engineering tools like Java® and XML, although this knowledge is not required. 

About the author

Marvin Waschke, retired Senior Principal Software Architect at CA Technologies, currently serves on the board of trustees to the Whatcom County Library System in Washington and continues to write. With a career that has spanned the mainframe to the cloud, he has coded, designed and managed the development of many systems, including accounting, cell tower management, enterprise service desks, configuration management and network management. Waschke has represented CA Technologies on the DMTF Cloud Management Working Group, DMTF Open Virtualization Format Working Group, DMTF Common Information Model REST Interface Working Group, OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) Technical Committee, DMTF Cloud Auditing Data Federation Working Group (observer), DMTF Configuration Database Federation Working Group, W3C Service Modeling Language Working Group and OASIS OData Technical Committee (observer). In addition, Waschke launched and served as the editor-in-chief of the CA Technology Exchange, an online technical journal.