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Developing B2B Social Communities: Keys to Growth, Innovation, and Customer Loyalty



Developing B2B Social Communities explores how online communities can reinvigorate a company by helping it harness the knowledge of the crowd. It discusses the ways in which these communities can help enterprises discover new strategic directions, develop new products and services, identify trends, sell more, serve customers efficiently and provide better product support.

Developing B2B Social Communities takes a methodology-based approach for developing an online community, showing how to move from strategy to implementation in a structured way to achieve key business goals. Each chapter interweaves case studies taken from real-world examples and includes worksheets, metrics and templates to enable readers to develop online communities. It shows how an online strategy can work for enterprises of any size and provide a cost-effective way to gain knowledge, improve support and market products.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why your B2B company needs online customer communities
  • How to build an online community
  • Which frameworks, tools and metrics you’ll need to create the site and monitor progress toward goals
  • How other companies have leveraged online communities to become more customer-focused, innovative and tuned to market trends
  • How to integrate communities into the business processes of an organization so they have the greatest impact
  • How to create clear strategies for the social community that supports larger business goals
  • How to develop operational best practices that will provide the greatest return on your investment

Who this book is for:

Developing B2B Social Communities is intended for decision makers in B2B organizations including those holding C-level titles, strategy professionals, marketing directors and executives, customer care professionals and senior technology leaders looking to improve customer service and loyalty and increase sales.

About the authors

Margaret Brooks is the former Sr. Advisor of Business Unit Strategy for the Global Presales Organization and Vice President of Customer Success at CA Technologies.

Brooks has been an executive in sales, technical sales and business development. She specializes in governance, risk and compliance and was involved with thought leadership, publications and solution development in this area for several years. She has published articles in WSTA Magazine, KM World, and SC Magazine on the topics of governance, risk and compliance. She has been nominated for the CEO Award for her contributions in this area.

Brooks led significant consulting engagements at Platinum Technologies within the data warehousing division. She held management positions in data warehousing and information resource management, focusing primarily on companies in the healthcare and insurance areas. With over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Health Education from the University of Alabama.

JJ (John) Lovett, Director of Community Programs at CA Technologies, has over 15 years of experience in online collaborative technology and community building. He has built many online collaborative communities, both for internal and B2B organizations, across several industries in his career. He has used his military background and varied experience to develop a pragmatic approach to people, systems and collaborative concepts, which translates across different industries and environments. Joining CA Technologies 10 years ago, he has played a pivotal role in the transition from in-person to online interaction for the company’s customers and partners. Having helped pioneer the role of online community manager at CA Technologies, he now leads both the community management and operations teams that enable the 40+ online communities and 175+ regional CA Technologies user groups around the globe.

Sam Creek is a Senior Principal Business Analyst on the CA Communities team at CA Technologies. He works with the MyCA professional networking platform team and has been involved with the development of communities and social media strategies for CA Technologies customers and employees. Before that, Sam provided support for the CA Advanced Configuration Manager and CA CMDB and was a member of the team that introduced Spectrum Automation Manager. Sam joined CA Technologies in 2007.