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CA Academic Initiative

Transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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Tools and training to create the next generation of innovation.

The CA Academic Initiative is an annual membership program that puts the power of CA technology into the hands of those who will invent the future. Open to all qualified educational institutions, the program provides select CA software, courseware, faculty education and technical support free of charge for instructional and research purposes; it may not be used to run the infrastructure of the department or institution.

Program Benefits

As a member of the CA Academic Initiative, an institution may install CA Technologies software in its labs, and its faculty and students may install the software on their personal computers. Membership also includes benefits such as:

  • Special license rights allowing the installation of software on any number of lab machines (for teaching and research purposes only)
  • Professional curriculum materials such as instructor guides, student guides and lab exercises
  • Enrollment in CA Education courses at no charge, on a space-available basis
  • The ability for students taking at least one credit course offered by the institution to install the software on their personal machines for use in coursework and personal development projects
  • Technical support for installation, configuration and basic usage problems

Further your knowledge with free CA Education courses.

Membership in the CA Academic Initiative also includes the opportunity for faculty and staff to attend free courses to help them get started using CA Technologies products. Member institutions may send up to ten (10) faculty or staff per year to courses offered at various times and locations around the world. Convenient web-based training (WBT) is also available through our website.

Get free technical support.

To help ensure our academic partners get the most out of CA Technologies products, we offer complimentary technical support and access to our extensive online Knowledge Base. You can visit CA Support Online anytime to search the Knowledge Base, download fixes or post a question to the forums.

For personalized support, contact us Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5) using our online form. You can expect to receive a response from one of our experts within 48 hours.

Join the CA Academic Initiative.

1.   Request software

Email us at, and let us know which CA product you’re interested in.

2.   Sign the agreement

An individual authorized to sign legal agreements/contracts on behalf of the institution should review and sign the program agreement. This is typically a dean or department chair, procurement office or legal department.

3.   Scan and send

Scan and email the program agreement to

Please include in the email:

  • Software product(s) you’re requesting
  • Number of licenses needed per product
  • Operating system(s) where the product(s) will be installed
  • Your name, postal mailing address, email address and phone number

CA Academic Initiative FAQs

Who may join the program?

Membership in the CA Academic Initiative is open to any qualified educational institution worldwide. A qualified institution is any public or privately funded university or college offering education which leads to nationally recognized qualifications or levels of academic achievement, accredited by a regional or national accrediting council, commission, appropriate government agency or board of education of the state or country in which the educational institution is located.

In some countries, additional qualifications may be required. In India, only those institutions that offer M.Tech. programs in computer science are eligible for program membership.

What if I need to make changes to the Program Agreement?

If your institution's legal department requests changes to the Program Agreement, please have them edit the document with "track changes" on. Then, e-mail it to so we can review the changes.

Is the CA Academic Initiative available worldwide?

This program is currently available in over 35 countries worldwide. If you are interested in joining the program and your country is not listed, please e-mail us at

What is considered eligible academic use?

Software and courseware provided through the CA Academic Initiative may be used for teaching, learning or non-commercial research. These offerings may be used in lecture notes, presentations, labs or assignments for courses taught at the institution.

Examples of acceptable use:

Teaching concepts or theory on enterprise computing, using CA Technologies software.

Teaching methodologies on IT security management, using CA Technologies software and best practices.

Conducting non-commercial/not-for-profit research. Non-commercial research is research whose results will be published in the public domain and not provided exclusively to the sponsoring organization. If research results are the exclusive property of a specific organization, this is considered "research for hire" and not non-commercial research. If the results are to be published in conference proceedings or technical journals, this would be acceptable.

Examples of unacceptable use:

The software may not be provided to faculty or staff not employed by the institution, nor may it be provided to students who are not enrolled in the institution.

The software may not be used on any computer that supports the operations of the institution such as accounting, admissions, facilities, information technology, etc. The software must be installed on development/non-production servers.

IT staff may not use the software to manage the institution's infrastructure.

How long does a membership in this program last?

Membership in the CA Academic Initiative must be renewed on an annual basis. You may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying CA Technologies in writing. CA Technologies may change the terms of the agreement by giving you thirty (30) days' notice via e-mail. CA Technologies may terminate your membership if it is determined that you no longer qualify for the offering. If you change jobs by working for another institution, you must notify CA Technologies in writing. If you or CA Technologies terminates the agreement, you may continue to use the products or other materials for thirty (30) days or until the end of the then-current semester, whichever is longer.

Do I have to pay tax on this program?

Any duties, taxes, levies or fees for media or courseware packages are the responsibility of the CA Academic Initiative member institution, as specified in the Program Agreement.

How can students obtain the software for their personal computers?

There are two ways for students to obtain the software for their personal use:

You may make copies of CA Technologies software for students to check out from a library or lab. Students are required to return the physical media within 30 days.

You may put the software on a secure server and have students download directly from the server.

How can we provide a secure download server?

Institutions may load CA Technologies software onto a secure download server and grant access to eligible faculty and students. Program contacts should ensure that the software is secured properly and only authorized users may download the software. Departments should audit the server periodically for suspicious activity and should change access passwords periodically. Your institution is responsible for having students agree to the terms of the CA Academic Initiative. The institution should keep copies of signed agreements on file.

Can professional support staff for labs check out software?

Yes, professional support staff whose primary responsibility is to maintain departmental labs are eligible to install CA Technologies software on their computers for non-commercial use.

Is there any record keeping involved in this program?

Yes. We require institutions to report to us annually about the products used and courses taught. An e-mail reminder will be sent to all faculty contacts, who will be asked to report the information in an Annual Report form, which can then be emailed to This report is required to maintain membership within the program.

Do students need to uninstall the software at the end of the course?

No, students are allowed to keep the software they have installed. However, if they are no longer a registered student at the institution, they must uninstall the software within thirty (30) days.

Where do I find my CA Academic Initiative Site ID?

Your Site ID is located in any of the emails you receive with software download instructions. If you are missing this information, please e-mail us at

Who is entitled to call for technical support?

Any faculty member in the institution may request technical support for products acquired through the program. Technical support is provided for installation, configuration and basic usage questions. You may also visit CA Support Online to search the Knowledge Base, download fixes or post a question on the forums.

How often will I receive updated software versions?

You will need to request new versions by emailing a new software request. Service packs and fixes are posted on CA Support Online.

How do I determine if my institution is already a member of the program?

Please e-mail us at to determine if your college or university is already a member of the program.

Need more help?

Email us at and we’ll get back to you with the answers you’re looking for.