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Continuously release high-quality apps at scale.

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Speed and precision are everything in the application deployment race.

To transform and thrive in the application economy, you must embrace continuous delivery and provide superior experiences for your customers. Continuous delivery happens when businesses can reliably and rapidly release high-quality software anywhere, anytime—while always improving speed, quality and efficiency. You need a solution set that can take you from zero automation to zero-touch, application deployment and delivery across your enterprise—mobile to mainframe. Start your journey today with CA.

72% of advanced DevOps adopters fully use release automation tools.1

1. Assembling the DevOps Jigsaw, Freeform Dynamics, 2015.

Real companies. Real results.

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TASC moves to zero downtime with Automic Release Automation.


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“Since deploying [CA Release Automation], we’ve achieved faster delivery times and fewer issues. As a result, we now have more developers focused on innovating, rather than reacting.”

Eugene Lehenbauer, Group Manager, Worldwide IT Delivery Optimization, Citrix

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“We can do 3 to 4 times more in a release. We just had our largest release ever. Without CA Release Automation there was no way we could deliver that level of code to our end customers.”

Steve Schweiger, Director DevOps, Financial Services Firm

Results that put you in lead position


20x faster deployment time


98% reduction in production errors


389% ROI with 2.8 month payback

“With our product, it’s a huge chain to get something out to the customers. I do not want my team to be a roadblock in this chain. With CA, whatever we get from the developers and from UI…we are getting it to the market extremely fast. Now they are not even able to deliver as fast as we can deploy.”

— Lead core application team, major telecommunications provider*

Start Your Journey with CA Release Automation

CA Automic Release Automation automates application deployments and orchestrates the DevOps tool-chain to enable end-to-end continuous delivery. CA Automic Release Automation enables zero-touch application deployment from development to test to production—standardizing, stabilizing and speeding app delivery across the enterprise. You can develop complex deployment processes once and re-use those processes across apps, teams and environments to gain efficiency, reduce manual errors and lower costs. 

Plan, analyze and monitor the toolchain.

CA Continuous Delivery Director is a powerful pipeline planning, orchestration and analytics solution that enables teams to eliminate spreadsheets, automate test processes and continually improve the delivery of revenue-generating features to end-customers. It works with the most popular commercial and open source DevOps from planning through production.

Unify Continuous Delivery Mobile to Mainframe

The mainframe underpins much of the IT systems infrastructure in industries as diverse as telecommunications, healthcare, finance and transportation. However, barriers to business agility challenge companies striving to sustain innovation velocity in the application economy. CA Release Automation, a leading continuous delivery solution, can help to remove these barriers for your mainframe applications, enabling companies to achieve superior time to market and mean time to resolution. Start now and integrate the industry’s #1 mainframe SCM solution, CA Endevor® Software Change Manager into your continuous delivery practices. Go mobile-to-mainframe today with CA.

Application Release Automation

Build a powerful foundation for continuous delivery.


Ignite innovation through the continuous development of quality applications.


Maximize visibility from mobile to mainframe with application and infrastructure monitoring.

Modern Software Factory Hub

Your source for the tips, tools and insights to power your digital transformation.

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