CA Agile Requirements Designer

(formerly Grid Tools Agile Designer)

Improve software quality, reduce testing costs and speed up application delivery.

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Software testers are under pressure to deliver fully tested software faster than ever before, while also driving down project costs.

CA Agile Requirements Designer is an end-to-end requirements gathering, test automation and test case design tool which drastically reduces manual testing effort and enables organizations to deliver quality software to market earlier and at less cost. The optimal set of manual or automated tests can be derived automatically from requirements modeled as unambiguous flowcharts and are linked to the right data and expected results. These tests are updated automatically when the requirements change, allowing organizations to deliver quality software which reflects changing user needs.

CA Agile Requirements Designer. Real results, right now.

Create close collaboration between the user, business and IT.

Map requirements to unambiguous active flowcharts to foster communication across the entire SDLC and avoid time consuming late rework.

Deliver fully tested software earlier with lower costs.

Automatically generate the smallest set of test cases needed for maximum coverage to shorten test cycles and reduce manual test effort.

Keep up with changing user requirements.

Deliver fully tested software which reflects changing user needs by automatically updating test cases and data when the requirements change.

Get installation help, release notes and more.

Improve test quality with CA Agile Requirements Designer.

These benefits are based on market research, as reported by Bloor Research.

95% reduction in defects

30% reduction in test cycles

100% coverage from the 12 cases generated

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