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89% of surveyed customers who evaluated Dynatrace, AppDynamics, or New Relic rated CA APM’s depth and frequency of metrics as superior when compared to the competition.

TechValidate. TVID: 13D-733-91A

92% of customers who switched from Dynatrace, AppDynamics or IBM agreed that: “CA APM helps our organization speed and simplifies the triage of application performance issues.”

TechValidate.TVID: 01C-AFF-1DE

80% of surveyed customers who evaluated Dynatrace, AppDynamics, or New Relic rate CA APM’s monitoring coverage as superior when compared to the competition.

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We evaluated Dynatrace as well, but choosing CA was a great choice because it's easy to deploy and is a stable solution.

Senior Application Consultant, Gateway Software Solutions

“On our application, Dynatrace was unable to provide the middleware layer information completely and we were unable to trace the issue. Now, after using the newer version of CA APM, we have complete visibility of the application under test.”

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

TechValidate. TVID: FDE-E43-75D

“We evaluated AppDynamics and New Relic. CA APM was a better option among them and has greatly improved the end user experience and root cause diagnosis of the applications. In addition, CA APM has reduced the blame games among application, network and database teams.”
IT Manager, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

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86% of surveyed customers who selected CA over AppDynamics rated the deep diagnostic details on transaction performance as the most important CA APM capability.

TechValidate. TVID: 946-57A-9D9

“We worked on HP, Dynatrace and other tools prior to CA APM. With CA APM, the application monitoring on production is phenomenal and performance has significantly improved.”
IT Professional, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

TechValidate. TVID: C0B-F4C-96D

We looked at AppDynamics, but CA APM offered much more coverage in end-to-end monitoring.

IT Systems Analyst, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Before choosing CA APM, we evaluated Dynatrace and IBM. Since using it, we’ve realized a big positive impact

IT Specialist, Global 500 Banking Company

TechValidate. TVID: 506-068-8E2

Prior to CA APM, we had looked into Dynatrace and we found the CA APM is better when talking about proactive monitoring to solve the issues.

IT Systems Analyst, Global 500 Retail Company

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How CA Application Performance Management beats the competition.

Team Center Perspectives

Simplify complex app topologies through task-relevant views based on attributes.

Team Center Timeline

Speed triage by showing the impact of change and where performance problems originate.

Differential Analysis

Quickly recognize problems and intuitively understand the most critical and recurrent problems.


Get 20/20 insight into your apps from mobile to mainframe.

Modern Application Support

Get added functionality for Java®, .Net, PHP, Node.js and more.

Smart Instrumentation

CA APM automatically collects deep transaction traces when a problem occurs.

Delight users, differentiate your business and protect your experts.

Evaluate the potential financial impact of CA APM on your organization.

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