CA Privileged Access Manager

(formerly Xceedium Xsuite)

Control, monitor and audit privileged user activity with CA Privileged Access Manager.

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Restrict, log and monitor all activity performed by privileged accounts.

With an increasing number of organizations experiencing damaging and costly data breaches involving stolen administrative credentials, the exploit of compromised credentials and unmanaged access to systems by privileged users are now the leading threats against enterprises and government establishments. Failure to prevent breaches can lead to data loss, reputational damage, interruptions in operations and other costly repercussions.

Controls over privileged users are not only a business imperative, they are also mandated in a host of regulations, and standards spanning multiple industries and sectors. Failure to achieve and demonstrate compliance with privileged access regulatory mandates can lead to audit findings, fines and additional costs.

Without effective Privileged Access Management, many organizations not only fall short in minimizing their risk exposure to breaches and attacks, they also struggle to meet various regulatory compliance mandates.

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Reduce risks from breaches

Guard against costly data breaches caused by external or internal attacks by interrupting the attack chain—protecting credentials, positively authenticating users and proactively controlling their behavior and activity to prevent policy violations, exposures and downtime.

Simplify compliance

Provide effective capabilities and controls to manage and monitor privileged accounts and their access to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizational systems and data while providing documentation and reports needed to prove compliance to regulators and auditors.

Get better, faster security operations

Accelerate, automate and simplify the entire privileged access management lifecycle. Provide fast, single sign-on access and federated identity for privileged users, spanning the hybrid enterprise infrastructure from the data center through the virtual infrastructure and public and private cloud environments.

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Why CA

CA Privileged Access Manager delivers the comprehensive functionality needed to prevent breaches, demonstrate compliance and boost operational efficiency—providing protection across the broadest and deepest range of infrastructure, including the data center, software-defined virtual data centers and networks as well as public/private clouds.

Cloud Ready

Control, monitor and audit privileged access in hybrid cloud environments.

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