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Ignite innovation through the continuous development of quality applications.

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Synchronize your efforts to dramatically speed app development and increase quality.

Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency.

CA Agile Central >

Speed app development.

CA Service Virtualization >

Create APIs quickly from existing data sources.

CA Live API Creator >

Simplify mobile and IoT app development.

CA Mobile App Services >

Get to market better, faster and cheaper when developing mainframe applications.

Mainframe Application Development >

Stop waiting. Start winning.

When it comes to delivering high-quality apps, every second counts. That’s why CA delivers end-to-end parallel app development solutions to help your teams develop and test simultaneously—eliminating roadblocks and opening up new paths to increased efficiency, productivity and speed. Because the faster you get to market, the further ahead you’ll be.

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Solutions to change the way you work.

Only CA offers a real-world development and test solution that’s comprehensive, collaborative and coordinated. You’ll not only deliver higher-quality apps faster, you’ll also maximize the time and talent of your teams so they can break down silos at every step—and create a cycle of continuous delivery and improvement.

Virtualize what’s missing. Realize what matters.

Composite app development involves numerous dependencies that act as constraints. Eliminate them with CA Service Virtualization—the first solution that lets you simulate dependent systems and customer behaviors as virtual services—whenever and wherever you need to. It’s virtual technology with some very real benefits, like cutting development time by up to 50 percent, identifying defects before deployment by up to 90 percent and dramatically accelerating your ROI.1

1. Based on actual customers who have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database and metrics gathered from CA’s (formerly Grid-Tools) implementation experience.

Test and develop in unison.

Did you know up to 50 percent of the average tester’s time is spent waiting for data?2 That’s valuable time they could spend innovating. Lose the wait with CA Test Data Management, the comprehensive solution that lets you automatically find, create and provision the test data you need. The result? Higher-quality apps delivered at speeds manual methods can’t match.

2. Based on actual customers who have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database and metrics gathered from CAs (formerly Grid-Tools) implementation experience.

Create APIs fast. And apps faster.

Creating new APIs is now a snap. OK, more of a click. CA API Live Creator lets you build powerful APIs from existing data sources with just a point and click. You’ll rapidly speed development by reducing the time and cost of building APIs needed for Web, mobile and IoT apps.

Develop better development.

Don’t make your development teams reinvent the wheel every time they need to create a new app. CA Mobile App Services provides them with SDKs and APIs to reduce repetitive coding tasks—and easily embed advanced features into mobile and IoT apps. It’s the head start you need to launch five-star apps fast.

Connect and coordinate your teams.

You’re one company. You should all have one view of your application development. CA Application Lifecycle Conductor gives you just that—connecting and aligning teams, products and development methodologies across the software development lifecycle. You’ll have the end-to-end traceability of artifacts and activities you need to help your teams meet audit and regulatory requirements.

Application Lifecycle Management

Get the tools you need to better plan, build, release and manage your apps.


Increase efficiency and optimize your IT environment.


Continuously release high-quality apps at scale.

Get in touch with CA.