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CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence

Embedded analytics to proactively prevent problems, fix issues faster and get more done.

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The Second Machine Age

The next gen of the machine age is upon us. Everything is getting smarter. Data analytics are embedded in our everyday shopping experience. Netflix learns our preferences and makes real-time suggestions. Cars are on the cusp of driving themselves. In short—machine learning is the next big thing.

Work smarter, not harder.

Now is the time when working smarter instead of harder applies to IT. Organizations are already crumbling under the weight of an exploding number of transactions. Every day, there are more applications to manage. And more systems. More changes. More tools. And more pressure to get it right.

Teams can no longer keep up. They need less data and more information and fewer haystacks and more needles. They need systems that can diagnose and fix themselves.

The Self-Learning Mainframe

Empower IT teams to leverage predictive analytics and automated remediation to reduce MTTR by fixing problems before they impact the business.

Predict Earlier

Take action earlier with embedded analytics which detects abnormal patterns of operation.

Collaborate Efficiently

Get everyone working together to isolate root causes with data insights from multiple sources.

Remediate Faster

Operational Intelligence from CA captures patterns, triggering automated and reliable problem remediation.

Improve Continuously

Machine learning with operational feedback recommends the next best action for future events.

From Here to Automation

See how CA Technologies is helping organizations embrace machine learning and bring more intelligence and automation to their mainframe operations.

I don’t want to be looking at reports. Instead of someone constantly looking through screens of data, the system is going to tell me exactly where problem lies–that is where the solution for us.

Tieto Improves Customer Service Levels and Cost Control with CA Technologies Mainframe Solutions Case Study, Tieto

Our teams can prevent costly downtime and remediate problems faster when they do occur by taking advantage of advanced analytics, embedded intelligence and modernized user interfaces designed for better collaboration.

Pavel Kanak, Technical Architect, Mainframe Automation, Tieto

When something goes wrong, you have only one place to look.

Find out how you can deliver deeper insights to help you predict problems, fix them faster and get more done.

Because experience is everything and great experiences depend on the mainframe.

70% of online transactions execute on a mainframe.

80% of corporate data resides on the platform.

2 seconds of delay results in abandonment rates of 87%.

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