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When your people are engaged, your projects really move.

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CA Project & Portfolio Management – Supporting How You Work

CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM) team has embarked on a journey to redefine how work is accomplished in the application economy. In the most recent release the team has addressed how adaptive project managers can support their business, and business users can capture work details. This ensures confidence that the right level of work is captured and managed for budget, schedule and resource performance.

Ensure project confidence with CA Project & Portfolio Management.

Our vision is to provide a complete solution that gives personas across project and portfolio management a redefined user experience for how they work today. We started with the adaptive project manager and team members. Our solution gives project managers a way to engage and connect with their team across the life of a project, dramatically reducing inaccuracies and poor decisions that result from faulty information.

Project and Portfolio Management—Redefined

In the fast-moving application economy, trust, visibility and accuracy are project management essentials. CA Project & Portfolio Management helps put the focus on your people, with intuitive features designed to empower your project managers to engage the team—not the timesheet.

Manage business investments with confidence.

CA Project & Portfolio Management represents a single platform that helps companies ensure their business strategy is right on target through planning, execution and insights. Make informed decisions, deploy resources efficiently and invest in the right business strategy, with CA Project & Portfolio Management.

Grow your investments with CA Product and Portfolio Management

Grow your investments with CA Product and Portfolio Management.

Up to 30 percent reduction in costs of project status tracking and resource coordination.

Up to 15 percent reduction in project cost overrun percentage rates.

Up to 15 percent reduction in low value projects within corporate project portfolio.

Are you ready to save?

Explore benefit scenarios of CA Project and Portfolio Manager, and calculate potential ROI for your company.

Real stories, real results.

GameStop Makes Smarter Decisions with Better Project Data

Sky Enhances Development of New Products and Services with CA Project & Portfolio Management

Qantas Supports Business Transformation with CA Project & Portfolio Management SaaS

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Cost-effectively access applications over the cloud via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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