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Secure your digital enterprise. Prevent breaches. Provide a seamless customer experience.

Proven security solutions that protect and propel your business.

Seamlessly connect trusted users to trusted applications.

Provide a hassle-free shopping experience across devices.

Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points.

Accelerate and secure cloud adoption across your hybrid enterprise.

Find and protect regulated and sensitive data on z Systems™.

Grow your revenue, not your risk.

To succeed in today’s digital world, you need to open your business up so users, employees and partners can access the data they need. But the more open you are, the more vulnerable you become to debilitating data breaches. Not with CA. Our end-to-end security solutions give you the freedom to connect everyone to everything from everywhere—along with the confidence that your critical corporate data is still safe and secure. With CA Security solutions, you can create value, not vulnerability.

Fight forward.

CA Security offers solutions that empower you to take a proactive approach to enterprise security. Instead of waiting for bad things to happen, you’ll be on the security offensive, engaging your customers and partners with seamless access across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. All while you’re actively ensuring maximum data protection and regulatory compliance. Because you can’t move forward if you’re sitting back.

Help who’s good, and spot who’s not.

Give the right people what they need to do the right things. CA Identity Suite lets business users conveniently select roles and entitlements, view current access privileges and check the status of previous requests though an intuitive “Shopping Cart.” Users can focus on productivity, not security. And you benefit from a complete solution that combines improved audit performance and risk posture with preventive policy enforcement.

Payment security that pays in big ways.

If you make online purchasers jump through hoops, they’ll jump somewhere else. Protect them transparently with Payment Security solutions from CA—robust eCommerce security solutions that help card issuers reduce fraud while providing a frictionless shopping experience regardless of what device customers use. Our advanced 3D Secure authentication will help you reduce transaction abandonment while achieving zero-touch authentication for most transactions. So you get payment security that doesn’t get in the way of profitability.

Stop the most dangerous data breaches.

The most damaging breaches happen when hackers exploit privileged accounts—resulting in losses that could literally put your business out of business. CA Privileged Access Manager provides protection across the broadest and deepest range of access points so you can prevent breaches, demonstrate compliance and boost operational efficiency at every level of your organization.

Balance security and user experience with Access Management from CA.

In a world where everything is connected, mobile and application-based, where your team, customers and partners are more likely to interact through an app than a live person—you need a comprehensive access management solution to enable your digital transformation.

With Access Management from CA, your enterprise will be protected against compromised login credentials and have control of access across all channels and devices, all the while improving user experience.

Find, classify and protect regulated and sensitive data on z Systems™.

Mainframe data is at the heart of the data center—so it’s critical to the success of your business. But with the vast amount of data residing on your mainframe, locating regulated and sensitive data can be more than time-consuming. It can be impossible. CA Data Content Discovery helps you identify data exposure risks on z Systems by quickly and completely scanning your entire mainframe data infrastructure.


Cost-effectively access applications over the cloud via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


Build customer confidence with great user experiences—while keeping valuable data secure.

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