CA Test Data Manager

Get the right test data at the right time.

Test better & faster today

CA Test Data Manager uniquely combines data subsetting, masking and synthetic data generation to help your testing teams keep pace with your agile business.

Eliminate delays

Shorten test cycles by reducing time to identify, provision and/or generate test data.

Address compliance

Find and de-identify sensitive data across the enterprise to help you address privacy and data protection requirements.

Decrease risk

Enhance existing data or build small, richer sets of production-like test data from scratch—free from any sensitive content.

Massive IT productivity

90% reduction in time needed to generate test data, 30% increase in IT resource productivity, 25% reduction in IT projects cost avoidance.

Compare CA to Tricentis for full test capabilities.

Full Capability
Partial Capability
No Capability
CA Test Data Manager Tricentis
Data masking
Integrated stack TDM with DevOps
Integration with governance and risk management
Self-service test data provisioning

Get to know CA Test Data Manager.

  • The right test data, fast.
  • Automate test data management, shorten your test cycles and improve compliance.

TDM Resource Center

Test as you go. And go farther than ever. CA Test Data Manager will get you there.

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