This is the Application Economy.

A world where change is your greatest opportunity.

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Here’s how to compete in the app economy.

Find out how agile lets you deliver value faster.

Discover how APIs can help you build the next big thing.

Ensure your apps build customer loyalty.

See what it means to protect and enable at the same time.

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Speed to Market:

Your agile journey starts here.

Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster. That’s big. We can help you fully realize the benefits of agile, with our industry-leading tools and coaching. Let us show you how to become agile and empower your teams to make a real difference.

1. Source: MIT Sloan

Agile teams get there first.

Agile tools for a total advantage

Improve employee engagement.

Keep your teams connected.

Connected Data:

The building blocks of the application economy: APIs.

APIs are where data, people, apps and devices come together. And where your company connects to the big digital transformation picture. We’re here to make sure your APIs deliver—quickly, securely and consistently. Speed your journey to the next great thing with API Management solutions from CA.

Build better, faster.

API solutions from A to Z

Get developers deployed faster.

Create APIs quickly from existing data sources.

Open and integrate your data.

App Performance:

Customer loyalty is earned in seconds.

25 percent of users will abandon an app after just a three-second delay.1 Just like that. Earn their loyalty with a seamless experience across every device. Be the app that sticks around with CA Application Performance Management (CA APM).

Keep your apps healthy and your business thriving.

Boost visibility and productivity.

Make a great customer experience a competitive advantage.

Get 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance.

Intelligent Security:

Open to opportunities, closed to threats.

Identity-centric security lets the right people access the right data—while still protecting you against internal threats and external attacks. You’ll not only prevent costly breaches, you’ll propel your business through increased speed, collaboration and customer loyalty.

Protect and enable your business.

Advanced security from the inside out.

Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points.

Provide a hassle-free shopping experience across devices.

Protect users with powerful, multi-factor authentication.

Every day, we help our customers move their business forward.

IceMobile Cuts Rollout Times with CA API Gateway

Swisscom Gives TV Viewers Something New to Watch

Acciona Strengthens Security and Compliance with CA Identity Manager and CA Identity Governance

Digitally Remastered

Building Software into Your Business DNA

Today, your company’s brand is defined by digital experiences. And to make them great, you need to put software at the center of your business. CA CTO Otto Berkes shows you how in this important new book.

In a whole new world, you need a whole new approach.

How do you meet the challenges—and reap the rewards—of digital transformation? How do you get loyalty-building apps to market fast? Enable teams to iterate and innovate? Take great leaps while protecting your data? How do you turn amazing ideas into amazing outcomes?

To succeed in this ever-changing, high-stakes arena, start with the right tools—and the right partner.

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