Democracy, Driven by Data

CNN and CA Technologies put the power of data in the hands of the people.

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Power in the hands of the people.

In today’s always-on world, voters demand to stay connected to the stories, trends and candidates that directly affect them—so they can elect the leaders that best represent them. It’s this reality that spurred the creation of the CNN Politics app, built with CA Technologies. Now voters have unprecedented access to deep data insight and instantaneous analysis, keeping them engaged and informed like never before.

Building the CNN Politics app.

As leaders in the app economy, CA has vast experience unlocking the value of data. We leveraged this expertise in partnership with CNN to harness massive data streams and empower voters with accessible facts. The CNN Politics app was built to process time-sensitive data from multiple sources, and to provide a consistently great customer experience. Working with CA, CNN was able to deliver in record time—going from idea to outcome faster, for less.

Up-to-the-moment coverage with API Management.

CNN uses the end-to-end CA API Management tools to streamline development and optimize its app performance. CA API Management transfers and aggregates data points from many different sources—including CNN polling data, Federal Election Commission data and the CNN/Pivit Political Prediction Market—to help users track the latest election news and draw conclusions based on facts.

A better user experience with CA App Experience Analytics.

CA App Experience Analytics helps CNN deliver a personalized election experience to every user, every time. With developer insights, advanced data visualization and usage analytics, CNN gets full visibility into its app performance—and users get the seamless experience they expect.

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