Welcome to the application economy.

Is your business ready?

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Tackle the new challenges of the application economy. What are you looking to do?

The application economy is here and the opportunity is driving massive digital transformation in every industry around the world. Only CA has the end-to-end portfolio of software solutions you need to plan, build, manage and secure your applications; so you can drive competitive advantage. We can help you:


Make Better Business Decisions

Streamline operations and build winning strategies.

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Accelerate Speed to Market

Innovate, develop and deliver. Faster than ever.

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Build an Amazing Customer Experience

Get everything you need to create customer loyalty—and keep improving.

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Seize New Market Opportunities

Create, manage and secure APIs to capture bigger opportunities.

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Deliver Frictionless Security

Grow your business through seamless, secure access to services and applications.

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Scale for Growth

Scale your infrastructure to power your success.

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Digital Transformation—what role can technology play?

There are multiple considerations and dynamics involved in any move towards becoming a more digital business.

DevOps adoption, how APIs can be leveraged to open new channels while securing customer and company data, and revisiting the software delivery lifecycle are topics often discussed. But how do these all fit together as part of your overall digital vision? This whitepaper provides the key technology steps to consider while taking the digital transformation journey.

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