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Government, rewritten by software.

Transform the business of managing government while securely supporting critical objectives.

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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)

Cyberthreats are disrupting government agencies.

The government has unique security requirements, and the risks are more frequent and sophisticated. Agencies need to securely enable access to essential government services and vast amounts of data. The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program is a dynamic approach to strengthening the cybersecurity of government agencies’ networks and systems.

At CA Technologies, we are helping government organizations to secure data and access through the CDM program to enable your agency’s ability to meet the demands of citizens.

  • Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points. Explore

IT Modernization and Agency Transformation

Become more agile and modernize your IT infrastructure.

Government agencies are operating in a nation that’s responsive, customer-focused and technology-driven. With software as the key driver of growth, innovation, efficiency and productivity, how you deliver software says a lot about how you will take care of your citizens.

CA Technologies creates products that help fuel this transformation and allows agencies to quickly and confidently respond to change, deliver value fast and build high-quality applications that help your citizens.

  • Plan and Prioritize: Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency. Explore
  • Develop and Test: Synchronize your efforts to dramatically speed app development and increase quality. Explore
  • Release and Deploy: Streamline your processes and deliver quality applications faster. Explore
  • Manage and Monitor: Maximize visibility into your applications, services and infrastructure. Explore
  • Continuous Delivery: Release the apps your customers want, at the pace they want. Explore

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Connect your agency’s databases and applications to protect and serve your citizens.

Recent events have led to calls from both law enforcement and the public for increased transparency to citizens. Criminal justice systems and public safety are under scrutiny for heightened security and innovative citizen-facing technologies.

CA Technologies offers solutions to increase monitoring and connectivity across databases, applications, mainframes and middleware to facilitate strategic decision making.

  • Connect the officer on the street (body cameras, fingerprint/biometric machines, mobile devices) to the backend systems. Explore
  • Monitor applications and find and fix problems fast. Explore
  • Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points. Explore


Streamline IT processes to provide citizen-centric health services.

As healthcare technology and legislation continues to evolve, government healthcare agencies must continuously deliver improved capabilities and services to the citizens they support.

CA Technologies has cutting-edge solutions to help your agency secure, monitor and solve complex issues and bring real benefits to your customers.

  • Get 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance. Explore
  • Help solve your healthcare agency’s tough integration challenges. Explore
  • Get insight and analysis into application performance and user experience. Explore


Combat your agency’s internal and external threats and attacks.

Government agencies are under increased pressure to protect their data and critical applications from both internal and external threats. In addition, they must adhere to government mandates and manage the complexities and growing costs of risk management and compliance.

CA Technologies offers leading cybersecurity solutions to help agencies protect the nation’s critical infrastructure and data.

  • Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points. Explore
  • Protect users with powerful multi-factor authentication. Explore
  • Simplify access management for your agency. Explore

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