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With software and coaching that helps you get agile and optimizes the way you plan, execute and manage critical operations—so you can build the apps that will power the future of your business. In today’s application-driven world, your business must undergo digital transformation to stay competitive. But with increased resource demands, rapid-fire timelines and dwindling budgets, that’s easier said than done. That’s exactly why CA delivers software and services to help you strategize for the future, get agile, streamline your operations, allocate resources toward re-engineering your organization and execute quickly to thrive in the application economy.

The Four Key Steps

Get agile. Get faster.

Get agile. Get faster.

CA Agile Central >

Select the right strategic investments for your business

Select the right strategic investments for your business.

CA Project & Portfolio Management >

Gather requirements and build test cases quickly

Gather requirements and build test cases quickly.

CA Agile Requirements Designer >

Identify resources that can be better utilized

Identify resources that can be better utilized.

CA Capacity Management >

Get agile. Get faster.

Gain the expertise and practices required to capture ideas, convert those ideas into meaningful work and manage that work in a consistent, predictable way, so they ultimately deliver customer value. To make this all happen, you need CA Agile Central and Agility Services from CA.

Select the right strategic investments for your business.

Proper planning, measurement and analysis leads to better business decisions.

Speed, efficiency and agility are critical to maintaining a competitive edge. But meeting all your needs is difficult if your resources aren’t invested in the right initiatives. CA Project and Portfolio Management gives you all the tools you need to align your strategic investments with your corporate goals, so your investments yield the highest return.

Gather requirements and build test cases quickly.

Quickly deliver fully tested software with lower costs.

Map requirements to unambiguous active flow charts for better collaboration, generate the smallest number of test cases to shorten cycles, and keep up with changing user requirements while delivering quality software faster.

Identify infrastructure resources that can be better utilized.

Optimize your IT environment’s size and budget.

Gaining a deeper understanding of your short-term and long-term capacity needs lets you better optimize asset utilization and cut your costs, allowing you to free up capacity and/or budget for your digital transformation efforts.

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