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With software that helps you monitor the performance of your applications and troubleshoot problems quickly. The quality of your apps directly impacts your customers’ experience and organization’s ability to thrive. That’s why you need to continuously deliver and update innovative, resilient applications that meet the evolving needs of your demanding customers and employees. End-to-end software solutions from CA can help every step of the way.

The Four Key Steps

Monitor your infrastructure and cloud environment

Monitor your infrastructure and cloud environment.

Give people the tools to be self-sufficient if problems arise

Give people the tools to be self-sufficient if problems arise.

Monitor and manage your customer experience.

As a comprehensive mobile-to-mainframe application performance management tool, CA APM is designed to help IT deliver critical business services with greater efficiency while delivering a seamless user experience.

To get your app firing on all cylinders, you need to monitor, analyze and fix your app on the fly. CA App Experience Analytics is the only fully integrated app toolset on the market, with app performance management, developer analytics and usage analytics for Web, mobile and wearable apps, in one complete package.

Holistically monitor your infrastructure and cloud environment.

What’s the point of a great-looking application if it doesn’t actually work? To deliver on lofty user expectations, you need to be able to monitor and manage the infrastructure supporting your apps and services. Whether on-premises, in the cloud or a mix of both, CA Technologies solutions help provide insight into exactly how your systems are running, alert you to problems and resolve issues quickly when they do arise.

Leverage performance data and patterns to deliver consistent, high-quality service levels.

Get higher quality apps to market faster.

Speed is key to success. That’s because if your business can’t continuously deliver the robust, resilient apps your customers demand, they’ll find someone who can. CA Continuous Delivery solutions help you streamline your application lifecycles to accelerate the development and operations of your mission-critical apps, so you can stay competitive in the fast-paced application economy.

CA Continuous Application Insight provides the intelligence and transaction-level visibility to break down the complexity of modern applications, pinpointing and suggesting remediation of discovered problems intuitively.

Give people the tools to be self-sufficient if problems arise.

Turn service management into your productivity engine.

Does your service management solution enable business users, leaders and IT to get the most value from IT investments? IT Service Management solutions from CA Technologies help to ensure service quality and resource utilization across your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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