Automation for the Internet of Things

Change is a constant in the application economy. We have an automation strategy for you.

The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize the way people work, live and play. But are you confident that your organization can navigate its way through the complex mesh of connections, processes and technology it brings?

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How do you synchronize all of a company’s assets? If your company has been using automation on an ad hoc basis, now is the time to change. A more holistic view is required. No longer will isolated silos of automation be sufficient, because as the world enters the third wave of computing, device diversity is poised to make that which is already complex, hyper complex.

This eBook considers how automation strategy will evolve and explores:

  • What is driving business complexity
  • The difference between opportunistic and systematic automation
  • Why automation is critical to success in the age of the Internet of Things

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The biggest hurdle we face is time. Automation from CA Technologies gives us visibility into what is happening. Being able to claim back the slack times, compress run times and experience many fewer process failures has given us the scalability and flexibility to support business growth.

Source: Andy Hess, Vice President of Wholesale Applications at Fossil Group, Inc.

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