Business Disruption and the Future of Automation

Get A Grip on Automation to Get Ahead of the Competition

Tech experts share their experiences using automation to thrive in changing industries.

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Disruption is the new normal, and technology is responsible for upending age-old practices in every industry. Advances in AI and machine learning, combined with increasingly innovative uses for other forms of tech, are rapidly changes daily life in ways that would have seemed impossible only a generation ago. By underpinning agile methodologies, automation facilitates these changes, and is a vital tool to have in your belt when it comes to getting ahead of the competition and adapting to an ever-evolving marketplace.

This eBook includes discussions by tech experts on the following:

  • Tech trends and predictions across industries
  • Disruption success stories—and lessons learned
  • Advice for anticipating disruption and adapting accordingly

While I don’t see any real automation for creativity, I can see how AI could be used to create more space for folks to focus on higher-craft work.

-- Marcos Bueno, Head of Media Technology, Vox Media, Inc.

A Look Inside


  • Automation Can Enhance Media Production and Consumption
  • More Detailed Information Improves Automation Outcomes
  • Automation Is Improving Speed, Efficiency, and Security
  • Automation Is Like Industrialization Before and After Electricity
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform an Entire Industry
  • The Speed and Agility of DevOps Makes Process Automation Possible

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