How Business Automation Changes Business

IT Experts Share Their Stories

Business automation is solving problems that have been around for years, setting the stage for growth and advancement in the organizations that utilize it.

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Business automation is a powerful driver of change, and successfully implementing it gives organizations a strategic advantage—at least, that’s what the experts say. This eBook compiles stories from chief information and technology officers, as well as organizational change experts, on how they have already seen automation impact business, from vastly improving customer experiences, to streamlining internal IT processes. The shift towards automation is not limited to one field or industry, but instead has the potential to address universal business challenges.

This eBook includes:

  • Stories from executives about their personal experiences with business automation
  • The impact that automation has had within a variety of organizations, solving a variety of problems
  • The different types of innovative automation solutions that have generated change

Any time you can automate anything and get the human touch out of it, you’re going to reduce or negate error.

-- Valerie Vessey, Head of NA Small Business Operations and NA Pricing Execution Lead, Leading Online Payment Company

A Look Inside


  • Benefits of Automation Often Go Beyond Operational Gains
  • Business Automation Delivers Efficiency
  • Business Automation Is a Journey
  • Automation Allows the FDA to Extend Services
  • Business Automation Generates Change and Productivity

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