The Business Automation Wish List

Looking to the Future of Automation

The success of automation today gives us a lot to look forward to tomorrow.

See what’s in store.

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Automation has already had a significant impact on modern business, but the future is just as promising. Many IT teams have seen the benefits that come from automating a variety of processes—from improving customer services to drastically reducing errors—and are now thinking ahead to their automation implementation goals and the advancements they hope to see next.

This eBook includes discussions about:

  • Current automation successes in gaining efficiency, accuracy and speed
  • The impact on automation of emerging technologies, such as blockchain
  • What IT experts hope to achieve with automation in the future

We need an infrastructure that supports our real-time analytics. Automation is the key here.

-- Ratnesh Sharma, Customer Analytics Specialist, Compuware

A Look Inside


  • Business Automation Brings Efficiency, Accuracy and Speed
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Business Automation
  • Critical Customer Insights Can Only Be Gained with Automation
  • Focus on Automating High Volume, Error Prone Tasks

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