The Golden Booklet of Automation

Why is automation like gold to your Modern Software Factory?

Digital transformation is upon us. The Golden Booklet of Automation can help you innovate faster and become the disruptor instead of the disrupted.

Become a disruptor through automation.

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Today’s sprawling, heterogeneous IT landscape is more diverse than ever and is creating isolated silos across different technologies, geographies and environments. To survive, both IT departments and enterprises at large must become agile. That means responding quickly to the requirements of the business and the demands of end-users.

Therefore, companies must be built to change; they must become modern software factories. The Golden Booklet of Automation looks at how you can achieve this and the potential outcomes of your transformation. We also examine why automation should be central to your business strategy and can help you to remain in control against the backdrop of ever-changing technology.


The Golden Booklet of Automation explores how you can:

  • Fully operate your application stacks and reduce technical debt in the most efficient manner
  • Deliver new applications quickly, securely and at scale
  • Quickly build new apps to satisfy business needs
  • Efficiently operate existing application stacks, infrastructure, technical debt and legacy solutions

Automation is the gold of the software world. It’s the backbone of modern business, enabling communication and orchestration between components.

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A Look Inside


  1. CA Technologies: The Gold Standard of Automation 
  2. Digital Transformation for the Modern Business 
  3. Taking to the Cloud and Beyond
  4. Modern Business, Modern Challenges
  5. Your Blueprint for Success
  6. Automating Agility 
  7. Automating the Customer Experience 
  8. Automation Solutions from the Automation Specialists
  9. The Modern Software Factory 
  10. Become an Automation Champion  

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