The Impact of Automation on Modern Business

39 Experts Share Their Experiences, Results, and Vision for the Future

Automation is changing business in every industry. What does the future hold, and how can you be ready for it?

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Automation is changing everything. And for organizations that want to get—and stay—ahead, it is key to delivering business processes and new applications quickly, securely and at scale. Not only does automation enable you to achieve the agility and speed required to compete in the digital era, but it also provides the reliability and control necessary to minimize errors and help meet compliance regulations.

In this eBook, 39 technology experts in a range of industries and sectors share their own automation experiences, offer advice for those looking to implement it and consider the implications it will have on the future of business.

The practical application for automation is vast—from making government processes paperless, to utilizing chatbots that answer customer questions—and as the technology advances, its potential benefits are untold. Clearly, the future of IT for business is automated.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • Practical insights into the present and future state of automation
  • Predictions about artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and other current trends in technological management within enterprises
  • The specific benefits and overall value automation has brought to a range of organizations
  • Advice on successfully (and unsuccessfully) implementing automation
  • Factors to consider before taking on a large-scale automation project of your own

A company with strong automated processes will be able to be more innovative than its competitors, resulting in greater value for its customers.

Source: Alex Volakis, Senior Omnichannel Strategy Analyst, Abercrombie & Fitch

A Look Inside

The Impact of Automation on Modern Business

- Foreword by Dr. Chris Boorman, CA Technologies

- 39 essays from experts that address four key areas:

  • How Business Automation Changes Business
  • The Business Automation Wish List
  • Best and Worst Practices in Implementing Business Automation
  • Business Disruption and the Future of Automation

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