451 Research Pathfinder Report

Competitive Advantage, Transformation and the New Generation of Digital Automation Platforms

Is It Time You Invested In Automation?

Software development and IT processes have transformed over recent years. While digital automation platforms have played a significant role in this, as their adoption becomes more widespread, we will see increasingly dramatic shifts in the way IT runs.

New research published by Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst-Development, DevOps &IT Ops at 451 Research—Competitive Advantage, Transformation and the New Generation of Digital Automation Platforms—explores the role of digital automation platforms and their impact on modern businesses. As automation technologies become more intelligent, scalable and powerful, Lehmann assesses the implications and how all industries are being disrupted. Moreover, the analysis identifies how you can exploit automation platforms to get ahead of your competitors and maximize the benefits of digital transformation.

Download this report and discover:

  • The business and technology drivers that make automation an imperative
  • The anatomy of a digital automation platform
  • Real world use cases where automation can make a positive impact
  • Six recommendations to gain competitive advantage through automation

Intelligent process automation provides a new means to accelerate business operations and make them efficient...to meet the innovative digital transformation needs of organizations seeking new competitive advantage.

Source: Carl Lehmann, 451Research

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