Market Overview: Application Release Automation Tools

Unleash your agility with release automation for better business results.

Are software releases at the backbone of your company’s success? If so, having to compromise on speed, cost or quality could prove highly detrimental. But how can this be avoided when the release lifecycle travels through so many different environments?

Maximize the benefits of your application release automation tools.

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By integrating these often disparate phases of a release, Application Release Automation (ARA) is proving increasingly fundamental to any business with development at its core. However, there are myriad complex considerations that go into selecting the correct tool. This market overview from Amy DeMartine, Senior Analyst at Forrester, examines the issues you need to address and the strategies you need to consider when optimizing your application release processes. In analyzing the current ARA market, this report touches on a number of key areas and will ensure that you maximize the benefits of automation, bringing speed and agility to your workplace.

The Areas of Focus Include:

  • The latest ARA technology developments
  • The limitations of using scripting to manage packaged releases
  • How to control and support frequent software releases
  • The best practice for assessing vendor tools

Get the analysts’ perspective on the current state of ARA and how best to implement it in your company.

We can now do a deployment of our software starting at three o’clock in the afternoon and nobody knows … and that’s a huge step. And the CA Technologies solution is easy to implement, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to train on and it’s easy to grow.

Source: “Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integration at TASC”

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Step 1: Manual and Scripting
  3. Step 2: Automate Deployments
  4. Step 3: Orchestrate Toolchain
  5. Step 4: Continuous Delivery
  6. Conclusion

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