CA DevOps Automation Targets Hybrid IT Provisioning and Business Automation

How can you tackle hybrid IT architecture and IT as a service (ITaaS)?

The CA Automic One Automation Platform is opening up new opportunity for its customers as it ventures into new areas of business process automation.

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Find out why analyst firm 451 Research recognizes CA for disrupting new markets by automating non-IT related business processes.

This report shows how CA offers a viable framework for provisioning hybrid architecture and ITaaS, in addition to handling many business process management challenges.

Learn how CA can help you:

  • Structure and manage IT processes across emerging hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Speed up IT provisioning to enable ITaaS.
  • Automate business processes such as customer onboarding, finance automation and service delivery.

Two of CA Technologies recent initiatives that we find interesting, and able to help upsell and potentially enter new markets, is how it is using the approval management technology it acquired from levatis, and its recently launched marketplace technology

Source: Carl Lehmann, 451 Research Analyst

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  1. Introduction
  2. The 451 Take
  3. Context
  4. Strategy and Products
  5. Customers
  6. Competition
  7. SWOT Analysis

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