Intelligent Automation: The Final Frontier for Infrastructure and Operations

Find out how Gartner believes automation can help drive your digital transformation.

Digital transformation is presenting companies with an abundance of great new opportunities. But it’s also creating never-before-seen challenges. Gartner explores how infrastructure and operations leaders can use intelligent automation to take advantage of the changing landscape.

Whether it’s big data, the Internet of Things, or the cloud, organizations now have a vast array of powerful technology at their fingertips. This has raised CEOs’ expectations of what can be achieved. But it’s fallen on infrastructure and operations to deliver the results. And trying to harness all this new technology is exhausting the available human resources.

CA Technologies has secured exclusive distribution rights for a recorded presentation in which Gartner Research Vice President, Milind Govekar, discusses the automation challenges and opportunities that enterprises face. Results from a survey Gartner conducted show that when it comes to implementing an automation strategy, 53 percent of respondents suffer from lack of people and process expertise, 46 percent lack the documentation and standards and 46 percent face a cultural resistance.

Watch this presentation to find out more about the:

  • Multiple islands of automation that are popping up in your other organizations
  • Three layers of automation that can help maximize the return on your digital transformation investments
  • Six automation best practice steps that allow you to speed change, enable collaboration and reduce costs

Drive your digital transformation today.

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