Release Automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery as Catalysts for Digital Transformation

           Why Release Automation Has Become a “Must Have” Capability to Support Your DevOps and Continuous Delivery Initiatives

Why has Release Automation become a “must have” capability to support your DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives?

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In exploring the correlation between a company’s ability to efficiently deliver new software features and its ongoing revenue growth, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), establishes the importance of automation in the digital age and how it can support your DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives.

A Plan for Success

The link between software delivery and business growth has become a driving force for the adoption of continuous delivery processes and practices, however, the processes alone are not enough. EMA investigates the market and the tools available, highlighting why automation is key to guaranteeing the speed and quality of releases. Over the course of their analysis, the authors put together a passionate piece arguing at the heart of digital transformation lies automation.

Read this report to explore:

  • The Link Between Software Delivery and Business Growth
  • The Quest for Digital Transformation
  • The Importance of DevOps, Automation and Continuous Delivery in Fueling Digital Transformation
  • Challenges and Barriers to Digital Transformation

Read the report to find out why automation is an essential pre-requisite to your digital transformation.

CA Continuous Delivery Automation v12 is all about simplifying the steps necessary to utilize and maintain the solution to enhance the value proposition of the automation platform as a whole. The intelligent 'Zero Downtime' deployment and update capabilities are not simply about updating CA agents with no downtime. They are also about removing infrastructure maintenance bottlenecks with intelligent software that can determine, for example, which agents are best updated at which time.

Source: Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Manual and Scripting
  3. Automate Deployments
  4. Orchestrate Toolchain
  5. Continuous Delivery
  6. Conclusion

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