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CA Infrastructure Management Implementation Services

Delivering positive customer experiences and operational efficiency depends on 360-degree visibility of systems and infrastructure performance. CA Services supports your infrastructure management goals with implementation services for deploying CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM), CA Spectrum® and CA Performance Management to deliver an agile, streamlined approach and integrated system for enterprises of all sizes. CA Services provides the expertise to deploy powerful, comprehensive IT monitoring, deliver exceptional service quality with centralized and infrastructure performance and fault management, and superior root cause analysis for high performance and continuous availability.

Business Challenges

Organizations of every size are challenged to improve service and reduce operating costs by ensuring that the business can rely on availability and efficiency of the technology infrastructure. Yet IT staff face common challenges in doing so due to:

  • Increasing size and complexity of IT infrastructures, which affect the ability to scale infrastructure monitoring, can increase risk and is further complicated by cloud computing and virtualization.
  • Multiple options in development of IT services that use synthetic transactions demand monitoring which run across network devices and servers, and utilize federated databases and applications which may run, in part, on third-party SaaS or hosted environments.
  • The need for the organization to be able to quickly, accurately and precisely identify root causes when issues arise.
  • Large volumes of monitoring data to analyze effectively so users can gauge service level attainment, allocate or re-allocate resources properly, improve planning and reduce complexity. 

Key Outcomes

  • Improved implementation. Reduce errors and accelerate adoption.
  • 360-degree view. Deploy powerful solutions to monitor and manage IT infrastructure health.
  • Comprehensive IT monitoring. Deliver exceptional customer experience and service quality.
  • Root cause analysis. Gain tools and expertise for superior performance and availability.

Key Service Features

  • CA UIM foundation deploys core software and infrastructure components; configures an IT service desk gateway, self-monitoring deployment and email-based alarm notification. 
  • CA Spectrum foundation implements and configures components for fault management and root cause analysis; includes CA Spectrum Report Manager and a Jaspersoft-based reporting solution that includes alarm, event, asset, change management and service reporting.
  • CA Performance Management provides an extensible, modular architecture that offers a common framework in enterprise and managed service provider environments; offers network device discovery and monitoring, prioritized polling rate for critical interfaces, geographical hierarchical organization, group and user account management, product operation support.

Offering Overview

This implementation service deploys a trio of powerful, highly configurable solutions to define and harvest performance data and produce scheduled reports and alerts to indicate performance-related health or state changes. Infrastructure fault and detection management models an infrastructure or network device, manually or automatically, providing the ability to configure sample profiles of network health and alerts.

This implementation includes CA UIM for systems and network management and CA Spectrum for best-in-class fault management both of which can deliver value to enterprises of any size. The third foundation component, CA Performance Management, benefits larger customers with high-scale capacity. Foundation services get you up and running quickly, while acceleration services extend the value of your solution and offer the flexibility to further tailor it to the needs of the enterprise.

Foundation Services

Foundation services deliver essential functionality to address your primary business requirements. CA Services can speed solution deployment, reduce productivity loss and accelerate time-to-value with a framework built to grow and accommodate new capabilities as your needs evolve.

CA Infrastructure Management foundation services comprise:

  • CA UIM deploys an integrated system and network management foundation. Implementation services center on the deployment of the lightweight, extensible, scalable architecture found in CA UIM and CA Unified Management Portal (CA UMP).  
  • CA Spectrum deploys fault management, which includes out-o-the-box network topology and root cause analysis. Includes CA Spectrum Report Manager and a Jaspersoft-based reporting solution that includes alarm, asset, change management and service reporting.
  • CA Performance Management is deployed in a scalable configuration and provides network device discovery and monitoring, prioritized polling rate for critical interfaces, geographical hierarchical organization, group and user account management, and product operation support in a variety of roles.

This service can be deployed with CA Express Install, which improves consistency by eliminating many manual processes. Your teams and CA Services experts can focus on other critical aspects ofyour deployment so the solution is ready to use in less time, and provides a stable foundation on which to build, deploy and extend future services. 

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services help extend the value of your solution by implementing additional functionality and/or configurations that can respond or expand to your requirements. Designed for quick deployment, Acceleration Services include enabling features available in the core solutions, adding modules, Packaged Work Products or other elements to enhance the capabilities of the core solution.

The following Acceleration Services are available:

Monitoring Governance is a comprehensive, service-oriented performance metric and event management framework that delivers value with timely, actionable data. CA Services assists with the design and documents monitoring requirements, advises on how to most effectively monitor and applies definitions to the related CA IM solution. CA Services experts also provide guidance on best practices for Monitoring Governance as a discipline. 

This comprehensive service includes infrastructure, applications, business services and end-user experience factors. It is also service- oriented, providing a standardized configuration and value-driven offering as part of a service catalog, and is actionable by operator or automation.

Citrix Monitoring (CA UIM only). Get expert assistance from CA Services in designing, developing and deploying Citrix monitoring and reporting, with single-pane-of-glass visibility into all Citrix components for rapid time-to-value from best practices in Citrix monitoring. 

Citrix-specific CA UIM UMP with services-deployed role-based dashboards, reports, charts, graphs and list views enables faster triage of Citrix-based environments with unified, holistic monitoring, end-to-end application monitoring and actionable insights. The proactive user experience of Citrix-based VDI infrastructures facilitates comprehensive response monitoring and high-value service delivery. Automating monitoring and data collection tasks from a single, unified cloud management platform helps reduce cost and complexity.

CA Virtual Network Assurance (CA VNA) (CA Performance Manager, CA Spectrum only). CA Services provides expertise in designing, developing and deploying the CA VNA solution, which is offered as an overlay for both CA Performance Manager v2.7+ and CA Spectrum v10.1+. Applicable use cases include Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE), vGiLAN, Service Chaining, Underlay Overlay Topology Mapping, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) health dashboards.

This service extends visibility to identify comprehensive coverage and operate new virtual networks alongside supportive legacy infrastruc-ture, map physical and virtual network functions, identify data plane performance issues, quickly identify root cause, and advanced monitoring that identifies vulnerabilities and bottlenecks that could impact service delivery. Reduce management complexity with visibility and expert understanding of all network component and layers within SDN/NFV stack and service chains.

End-user experience monitoring involves designing, developing and deploying application monitoring scripts in UIM end-to-end application monitoring probe.

Utility scripting involves designing, developing and deploying utility scripts within selected CA IM Solution. Utility scripts may be written in Perl, Shell or Lua (CA UIM only).

Reporting, dashboard, SLA design and deployment involves designing, developing and deploying customer-specific UI views, including charts, graphs, list views, reports and dashboards.

Voice and video performance management enables visibility into IP collaboration technolo- gies from market leaders to benefit from unified communications while mitigating operational risks; underpinned by CA Unified Communications Monitor (CA UCM). 

Application network analysis installs and configures CA Application Delivery Analysis to help identify the root cause of a performance problem, and in conjunction with other CA solutions, provides visibility and control over the performance of application delivery suite; underpinned by CA Application Delivery Analysis (CA ADA).

Network flow analysis supports the introduction of network flow analysis as a function and provides the mechanisms to collect and record different types of network traffic between hosts. This service delivers insight into network bandwidth utilization by applications and supporting identification of network problems without having to reproduce; underpinned by CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA).

Capacity expansion supports increased capacity of CA IM technical solution architecture and may include migration of existing solution components to new servers with greater resource capacity.

Additional services include:

CA eHealth to CA UIM Transition is structured to facilitate transition of CA eHealth to CA UIM and evaluates and assists implementation of equivalence mapping of reports and configuration items.