CA Workload Automation AE Implementation Services

CA Workload Automation helps enable critical business transactions to be processed on-time and with fewer errors, so you can protect against lost revenue and reduced productivity from failed transactions. Schedule and manage workload processing across your IT environment by updating workload processing schedules in real-time to accommodate changing business requirements. Validate schedules and find errors to avoid production outages or lost productivity, and increase your resource utilization with continuous workload processing.

CA Workload Automation AE Implementation Services offer a comprehensive, proven approach which helps optimize the value of workflow management in the enterprise. CA Services professionals use their expertise to help you deploy CA Workload Automation solutions that simplify workload definitions and dynamically automate complex workloads. In addition, our experts can help reduce project complexity with a carefully managed and phased implementation to deliver rapid business value.

Business Challenges

The inability to manage transactions that occur across multiple systems and that collect data from multiple sources, especially at an enterprise level and with other interdependencies, can lead to demands on business systems not being met in a timely and reliable manner.

Uneven utilization can result in some IT resources being at capacity while others are underutilized, which often means higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lower ROI. In addition, there is constant pressure to increase value and process more transactions— without increasing budget.

No central point of visibility and control makes it challenging to discern whether production workloads are being managed in an efficient and accurate way, and also makes it difficult to see potential points of failure. This further complicates your ability to manage multi-platform and application dependencies.

Root-cause analysis and resolution can be difficult and time consuming, especially with inconsistencies in managing end-to-end business processes.

Documenting regulatory compliance can be cumbersome, and contributes to the inability of IT to deliver on business and compliance process requirements.

Key Outcomes

  • Improve implementation quality with CA Services professionals to help you overcome business and technology challenges and reduce risk.
  • Improve productivity, time-to-value and ROI with an implementation crafted to meet your unique requirements. 
  • Reduce IT costs and errors by automating routine tasks, with the flexibility to change your workload schedules in real-time.

Key Service Features

  • Data migration planning and testing for upgrading to newer release.
  • Validate configuration of workload environments by deploying and configuring to your needs.
  • Notification automation, plus remediation and creation of IT service desk tickets for defined events.
  • Enable integration with CA Service Desk Support to open service desk ticket as a result of job failure.
  • Reduce production errors and improve productivity with event-driven automation, policy-based management, workload monitoring and reporting for distributed environments.

Offering Overview

CA Services provides the expertise and support to optimize your technology solution. First, our CA Services experts collaborate with you to identify and document your requirements, and establish a metrics baseline that enables you to measure improvements in service delivery, compliance, and from newly-streamlined processes.

Next, a phased approach is crafted to start the transformation from your current state to your desired future state. The CA Services team is with you through the entire process, with a commitment to get you positioned for success by utilizing best practices developed over thousands of engagements.

CA Services helps you rapidly deploy the technology solution to meet your business requirements and accelerate its value, starting with Foundation Services for CA Workload Automation AE to speed solution deployment, and help reduce lost productivity. Once your Foundation is in place, the CA Services experts will help you extend the value of your solution with Acceleration Services.

Foundation Services

CA Workload Automation AE Foundation Services implement and configure base functionality. The extensible, modular architecture offers a common framework for deploying the current release of CA Workload Automation AE, which enables workload automation for enterprise-wide business applications.

A typical CA Workload Automation AE Foundation deployment consists of:

  • Workload Control Center for role-based user access for administration, monitoring and reporting.
  • Event Server to store events, system information, job, monitor and report definitions.
  • Application Server to serve as the communication interface between the event server and the client utilities.
  • Scheduling Server to process events stored in the Event Server database.
  • EEM Server for role-based security engine and policies.
  • System Agents enabling you to automate, monitor and manage workload on major platforms, applications, and databases.
  • SDK Client Utilities to provide API and CLI interfaces.
  • CA Workload Automation AE Upgrade provides data migration planning and testing when upgrading to a newer release of CA Workload Automation AE. 
Optional elements include:
  • Event Management
  • Reporting Server
CA Workload Automation AE can also be deployed in a complex architecture to meet high processing volume, high availability, and organizational requirements. 
Architecture complexity and the number of environments and systems agents may affect aspects of the Foundation Services implementation. CA Services experts will guide you through the decision process that enables you to deploy the solution which addresses your needs. 

Acceleration Services

CA Workload Automation iDash Acceleration Services

The CA Workload Automation iDash Acceleration Service enables CA Workload Automation iDash deployment for CA Workload Automation AE.

This accelerator is underpinned by the following:

  • CA Workload Automation AE
  • CA Workload Automation iDash
Health Check Power Pack Acceleration Services
The Health Check Power Pack Acceleration Service enables the validation of the configuration of workload environments. The Health Check Power Pack is deployed and configured to enable related functional use cases.
This accelerator is underpinned by the following:
  • CA Workload Automation AE
  • CA Process Automation
  • CA Health Check Power Pack for Workload Automation
Remediation Power Pack Acceleration Services
The Remediation Power Pack Acceleration Service enables notification automation, remediation and creation of service desk tickets for defined events. The Remediation Power Pack is deployed and configured to enable the related functional use cases.
This accelerator is underpinned by the following products:
  • CA Workload Automation AE
  • CA Process Automation
  • Remediation Power Pack for Workload Automation
CA Service Desk Support Acceleration Services
The CA Service Desk Support Acceleration Service enables integration with CA Service Desk Support to open a service desk ticket when a job fails. CA Service Desk is installed as a stand-alone product.
This accelerator is underpinned by the following:
  • CA Workload Automation AE
  • CA Service Desk
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