Automating Your IT Processes for Long Term Success

A New Project Deadline a Few Days Away, 1,000s of Operations Waiting and a Sea of Complexity Ahead

So what are the key capabilities you actually need from an IT process automation solution? We've collated the top requirements from global enerprises over the past 15 years. 

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Since IT became consumerized and the bedrock upon which business innovation is based, your users have become more demanding if they don’t get the service they expect. What non-experts don’t always fully comprehend is the underlying complexity of modern IT departments that blocks agility. Forbes estimates that as much as 80 percent of IT budget is spent on just keeping the lights on and managing the current state of IT operations.

IT process automation offers significant opportunities for gains in efficiency and compliance, as well as a host of other benefits including:

  • Visibility and Control of Enterprise Processes End-to-End
  • Business Intelligence
  • On-Demand Service Requests
  • Closed-Loop Automation for Maximum Operational Health
  • Automated File Transfers

Is it time you automated all your IT processes and kept both external and internal business users happy all the time? Read this eBook to find out how.

It was central that we changed everyone’s thinking about how we operated. Historically we thought manually, but we had to begin relying more on automation. Working with CA Automic helped make that change.

Source: Paul Ryan, IT Production Operations Manager at Genworth

A Look Inside


  1. You’ve Decided It’s Time to Consider Automation 
  2. Benefit From the Experience of Leading Enterprises
  3. Visibility and Control of Enterprise Processes End-to-End
  4. Intelligence, a Necessity to Deliver Operational Excellence
  5. On-Demand Service Requests
  6. Closed-Loop Automation for Maximum Operational Health
  7. Fast to Deploy, Quick to Configure
  8. File Transfers Integrated Into the Process
  9. Conclusion

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