Learn How to Make Oracle Utilities Run Faster

How can you enhance the built-in scheduling facilities of Oracle Utilities?

Why continue to run Oracle Utilities below its capacity when it can be seamlessly automated?

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Developed in conjunction with Oracle, CA Technologies supplies an ideal solution for operational excellence that improves quality of service, timeliness of results and billing accuracy.

This white paper highlights the challenges of using Oracle Utilities and their impact on your operations staff. It then discusses how automation can resolve these issues by:

  • Providing day-to-day operational excellence to Oracle Utilities environments
  • Increasing service quality and the speed of result delivery
  • Providing a consistent, predictable and manageable operational environment to drive profitability across the organization
  • Reducing implementation time by a factor of four, completing in weeks rather than months

The world of automation has undertaken dramatic change over the past five years. Gone are the days of it simply being a case of causing execution. True workload automation now enables consumers of applications to maximize their value to their business.

Source: Learn How to Make Oracle Utilities Run Faster

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Limitations of Oracle Utilities Scheduling Facilities
  3. Applying Automation to Oracle Utilities
  4. Conclusion

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