Oracle Retail: Optimize Performance and Reduce Business Risk

Cut your batch schedule development and implementation time to just a few weeks.

CA Automic can help shorten your Oracle Retail batch schedule development time for increased business agility.

Increase business agility.

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Being an Oracle Retail customer involves a significant investment, often several months or more, to develop a reliable and efficient batch schedule. With CA Automic for Oracle Retail you can cut batch schedule development and implementation time to just a few weeks, reduce ongoing maintenance and reduce your total cost of ownership.

This white paper explains how the CA Automic agent for Oracle Retail enables you to:

  • Fully automate a safe restart/recovery processes, which can be applied to each thread individually
  • Extract data from Oracle Retail error logs for fast problem diagnosis
  • Automatically initiate jobs to process rejected data
  • Automatically detect and manage multiple input files, to ensure that each file is received and properly processed

Download this paper now to significantly speed up your usage of Oracle Retail.

CA Technologies is an important and strategic software partner for Morrisons. As our business grows, more and more workload is being transferred to the Oracle environment. CA Technologies ensures we can process more data in the same amount of time, streamline inventory management and better serve our growing customer base."

Source: Tony Stephenson, IT Operations Manager at Morrisons

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Batch Integration and Scheduling for Oracle Retail Applications
  3. How Oracle Retail Customers Benefit From CA Automic
  4. Conclusion


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