Practical DevOps Using CA Continuous Delivery Automation

The simplicity, control and visibility to evolve DevOps and take you to new ground 

Do your DevOps teams struggle to control the number of components and integrations making up today’s apps and services in complex environments? Is the need for agility adding pressure?

Embrace DevOps using these key requirements.

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Complexity is killing DevOps initiatives, but a simple model can redefine your application release processes.

Today’s applications and services are composed of a huge number of components and integrations. So much so it can be a challenge for DevOps teams to effectively control them. Couple that with a much more competitive business world and the corresponding need for agility, and the pressure on both your development and operations staff has increased dramatically.
CA Continuous Delivery Automation helps integrate and coordinate all the tools involved in continuous delivery.

In this short guide, you'll learn three key requirements how CA Continuous Delivery Automation can speed continuous delivery:

  • Packaging
  • Workflows
  • A Generic Deployment Model

The DevOps challenge increases every time a new component is added. With every variation in a configuration or target environment, there is an ever-growing matrix of components, environments and deployment requirements. When you consider the number of different groups, across different geographies that develop different applications and that ultimately have to directly or indirectly integrate with each other, many organizations are simply losing control.

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A Look Inside


  1. Complexity Changes Everything
  2. Growing Application Matrix and Losing Control
  3. Application Release and Development Using CA Continuous Delivery Automation – Speed and Control
  4. Packaging, Workflows and the Generic Deployment Model
  5. Packaging
  6. Workflows
  7. Built-In (Generic) Deployment Model
  8. Conclusion


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