Survey Results: Managing Your DevOps Tool Chest

The Complexity of Herding Kittens

In February 2016, IT and business professionals were invited to participate in a survey on the topic of the selection and use of developer tools within organizations. The study surveyed respondents from the US, Canada, UK, France and Germany from a range of company sizes across a variety of industry verticals including energy and utilities, financial services, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications.

On May 4th, Scott Willson, CA Continuous Delivery Automation Evangelist and Product Marketing Director, Automation solutions from CA Technologies, and Alan Shimmel, Editor, discussed the survey results, answered participant questions and shared key insights into how to effectively manage tool sprawl.

Key findings from this report indicate steady growth of the tool stack, how unstable and unrealistic vendor lock-in has become and the importance of managing a coherent deployment pipeline, especially as many organizations begin to adopt and implement DevOps focused initiatives.

Download the report and understand how increased IT toolchain sprawl can significantly impact your DevOps journey.

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