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Modern IT Infrastructure Operations & Management Video Series

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Today’s IT infrastructures are dynamic, cloud based and hybrid in nature. They require a modern approach to management. This video series, led by renowned industry thought leader David Linthicum, shares key insights you need to successfully manage and operate modern IT infrastructures. In this series he will share:

  • Understanding multi-cloud, hybrid clouds, containers and server-less computing
  • Operations and management requirements
  • Steps you need to take to be successful the first time
  • Where to find the tools to provide you the best chance of success

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About David Linthicum

David is an SVP at Cloud Technology Partners providing core leadership in support of client engagements including cloud strategy, architecture, and implementation. He is also a renowned thought leader and frequently writes for Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and InfoWorld. He has written 13 books on cloud computing,  has more than 3,000 published articles, and made numerous appearances on radio and TV programs.

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