As Soluções CA Technologies Agile Operations Oferecem Velocidade, Escalabilidade e Qualidade da Infraestrutura e dos Aplicativos para Melhor Experiência do Cliente

Enhanced Monitoring Solutions Deliver Fast Troubleshooting and Triage of all Applications, in any Infrastructure and Big Data Environment

NEW YORK, July 14, 2015 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced enhancements to its DevOps portfolio that are designed to make the job of IT operations teams easier. The enhanced monitoring solutions for Agile Operations provide the speed and scale organizations need to rapidly deploy new applications, monitor dynamic environments, and continually optimize application quality to ensure superb customer experiences.

With the new capabilities in CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) and CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) organizations can quickly troubleshoot and triage all applications, in any infrastructure and Big Data environment. Quality of service metrics from CA UIM can also be correlated and combined with CA APM performance metrics in a single screen so that DevOps teams have an end-to-end view across applications and infrastructure.

“In today’s application economy, every business is a software business and that has real and immediate implications for the operations teams who help ensure the availability of applications,” said Mike Madden, general manager, DevOps, CA Technologies. “To stay ahead of the competition, cross-team collaboration is essential for faster deployments and constant innovation.”

CA Application Performance Management

Designed to monitor any application infrastructure, CA APM 10 features a redesigned user interface, new analytics and several new patent-pending technologies that enable role and task-based monitoring. The solution’s team center views enable users to  filter complex topology maps into easily understood role and task-based views using attributes such as location, application type, business service or owner name. DevOps teams can also more easily determine if an update impacts service quality through the visual charts that show changes to application topology, status or other attributes alongside historical performance metrics.

“Today’s multi-channel applications rely on agile infrastructure, creating unique demands for operations teams who must ensure unfaltering service reliability while handling an increasing rate of new deployments,” said Thomas Lee, vice president, Global Support Systems, Elavon. “CA APM helps us ensure that we provide the best possible customer experiences. In addition, the new role and task-relevant views in CA APM 10 further enables the collaboration needed among our DevOps teams to help fuel ongoing innovation.”

CA Unified Infrastructure Management

To remove the complexity and specialization needed to manage Big Data infrastructure, CA UIM 8.3 now provides support for Hadoop®, Cassandra NoSQL and MongoDB environments – all from a single, unified console.

CA UIM’s integration with CA Network Flow Analysis and new analytic capabilities further help customers reduce mean time to repair by providing insights into application consumption and identifying high priority infrastructure performance issues before user experience is impacted.

“CA UIM gives our customers a deeper view of all aspects of their IT infrastructure in one place,” said Olf Gentzcke, head of network services - service operations, Outsourcing and Consulting Services, Fujitsu CE.  “This intuitive solution enables us and our customers to more proactively improve a system’s performance, ultimately enhancing the user’s experience.”

Customer can also leverage third party tools and download specialized probes for monitoring unique applications, devices or technologies for CA UIM at Marketplace @ CA.

Impact Of Agile Operations

“In the book ‘The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win,’ we describe the cultural norms, values and philosophies that frame the processes, procedures, practices of DevOps.” said Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project. “Both development and IT operations teams can become more agile when we create fast feedback loops, both to increase quality, enable faster time to market, but also to increase organizational learning.”

To learn more on how Agile Operations can help you transform your IT operations to deliver the speed, scale and quality needed to ensure a remarkable customer experience, join today’s virtual summit, “The InformationWeek DevOps Experience: The Impact of Agile Operations.” The event, sponsored by CA Technologies, is July 14, from 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT to 2 p.m.ET/11 a.m. PT.


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