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CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog

Turn your users into happy customers–help them to help themselves.

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Empower your employees with service catalog automation.

Are your internal customers frustrated by IT services delivery and looking externally for their services? The fault probably lies with your service delivery process. Although you offer self-service request initiation, manual coordination of service delivery coupled with a high volume of non-standard requests can easily result in service delivery delays and errors, plus time-consuming and expensive manual intervention.

CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog automates the delivery of your business and IT computing services. At the touch of a button, users request business or IT services from a familiar user interface featuring integrations with popular IT service management tools (ITSM) and service catalogs. CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog automatically takes the actions required to deliver the requested service. This is true "Business Automation."

Most service requests need information included with the request—for example, who made the request, when the request was made, as well as various options that may be selected as part of the request, etc. Sometimes, approvals are required—perhaps even dependent on options specified with the request. CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog makes this easy.

The orchestrated process embeds within existing ITSM processes to reduce errors and ensure compliance with documented approval and change management processes.

CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog Features


REST-based service API for request management and pre-configured plug-ins expedite integration with ITSM service request management and service catalogs.


Modeled service definitions enable options that reduce non-standard requests.

Service Management Integration

ITSM integrations for request, incident and change management enable inclusion of request fulfillment orchestration into existing IT processes.

Certified ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Service Connector plug-in is available for CA Automic Service Orchestration SAPI.

Unified View

Unified interface, unified reporting and unified analytics for a clear overview of your orchestration toolchain.

Zero-Downtime Upgrades

Your users always have access to their services—even when you are upgrading to the latest version of CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog.

CA Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog Benefits

Achieve rapid, hands-off service delivery

A more scalable service catalog increases rate of requests.

Gain more time

Leverage staff time to work on new services and service features.

Strengthen security

Reduce the number of people logging onto your production systems.

Do more with less effort

Use less effort to publish new service offers and keep them up to date.

Automate your business

Drive a more efficient automated business.

Combat “Shadow IT”

Provide better, faster service to reduce users looking elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

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