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Employee Onboarding With CA Automic Service Orchestration

The powerful Employee Onboarding solution from CA Technologies automates the end-to-end onboarding.

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Ensure your new employees hit the ground running.

You want new employees to shine from day one. To be productive as soon as they start. To be adding value to business processes, customer relationships and revenue generating opportunities. Likewise, instant onboarding is more rewarding for the employees—ensuring the talent you attract stays satisfied, motivated and loyal.

The powerful Employee Onboarding Automation solutions from CA Technologies automates the end-to-end onboarding in your HR department, while automating the integration of the corresponding business applications.

From the moment a request for the onboarding of a new member of staff is received from the hiring manager, CA gets to work. All information associated with the employee, ranging from personal information and employment details, to salary and equipment information can be entered and assigned.

CA Technologies integrates employee onboarding processes with any relevant application. For example, provisioning IT services for the new employee, including supply of IT hardware, approvals, user login details and provisioning to your key applications like Active Directory, Exchange, and the Concur travel system.

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Employee Onboarding With CA Automic Service Orchestration Features

End-to-End Visibility

Full visibility of the status of each onboarding status is accessible via diagrams and dashboards.

Increased Security

No need for multiple human application administrators to facilitate onboarding.

Human Approval Available for Any Step as Needed

Onboarding workflows can be paused for human approval, if required.

Consistent Employee Information

Employee information only gets entered once, but is propagated to all applications.

End-to-End Control

Full audit trail of the entire onboarding process gives insight.

Automated Offboarding

Removal of access privileges can be even more important than setting them up.

Employee Onboarding With CA Automic Service Orchestration Benefits

Lower onboarding costs

Lowers administration costs through fast, automated onboarding of new talent.

Provide satisfaction and loyalty

Increases employee satisfaction and loyalty by letting them breeze through onboard and get to what they do best.

Reduce HR intervention

Minimizes HR intervention in employee onboarding, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic HR tasks.

Facilitate up-to-speed productivity

Ensures new talent is productive the moment they join the organization.

Lower risk

Ensures employees only have access to the prerequisite applications and services.

Enable “Mass Onboarding”

Enables file-based batch importing of groups of new employees.

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