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Got FITPAL for healthy networks?

Find out if your network monitoring strategy needs advanced network visibility fueled by converged data streams and practical network analytics.

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Convergence for Advanced Network Visibility

FITPAL is the converged network data streams needed for advanced visibility into running healthy networks. It represents a baseline for the types of information that a modern network monitoring and management platform requires for full visibility.

And why is each type of data critical to your enterprise?

Fault: Capturing fault data becomes more valuable when it can be correlated to performance issues in a “single pane of glass.” For example, if a fault occurs but has negligible impact on application performance, remediation can take a back seat to more pressing issues.

Inventory: In hybrid or multi-cloud environments, it is imperative to have a good handle on physical, virtual and logical network elements. With infrastructure inventory data coming from multiple data sources, it is easy to lose track of what’s where. Ultimately, you can’t manage what you don’t know about.

Topology: Using topology mapping, network managers can determine if neighboring infrastructure is causing a performance impact on a given application, providing insight into if or how routing should be adjusted, surfacing a hidden problem.

Performance: There are many aspects to performance data in heterogeneous environments. Modern multiprotocol networks demand that network operations track SNMP, API, packet and flow data, often from multiple vendors—in real time.

Application: Since the user experience is the most important metric, having the ability to triage application experience issues back to network infrastructure is a critical requirement for networks today and in the future.

Logs: Having the ability to perform log analytics against the other five FITPAL elements provides predictive capabilities for fault, performance and capacity planning.

78% of surveyed organizations realized an up to 50% increase in their IT staffs’ productivity by using CA Spectrum.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: A7B-01E-26F

A Global 500 telecommunications services company improved user experience by more than 75% with CA Performance Management.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: E90-7C4-7E4

Network Fault & Performance Data in Context in One Dashboard

Gain deep visibility into network issues across fault and performance, in context, reducing the time to resolution and helping to ensure the kind of user experience that keeps customers happy.

Comprehensive, Traditional and SDx Network Monitoring

Whether you need to manage traditional or software-defined network technologies or multiple protcols like SNMP, API, packet and flow, a full-stack network monitoring platform delivers the operational insights needed for faster triage of customer experiences.

Why Network Monitoring From CA

Since the Implementation Of The Tool, It Has Cut Down On Probably 60% Of Our Outages

Supervisor of Event Management and Monitoring at an insurance company

Source: IT Central Station: 47296-by-supervis4b56

Its Ability To Alert Us On Network Issues Before They Become Critical Is A Great Benefit.

IT Manager at New York Presbyterian Hospital

Source: IT Central Station: 41002-by-lee-mullican

Utilizing the capacity/performance data alongside the flow we are able to quickly determine the root cause of impact.

Network Manager at a Tech Services Company

Source: IT Central Station: 42735-by-networkm004d

Network Monitoring Software from CA Technologies

Network Operations and Analytics

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