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CA Automic One Automation Platform

Automate across your entire enterprise with our business automation platform.

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What is the CA Automic One Automation Platform?

The powerful CA Automic One Automation Platform provides an open, scalable and unified approach to driving automation across your enterprise. This enables you to reduce time-to-value and increase business agility by using automation as the backbone of your digital transformation.

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CA Automic One Automation Platform Benefits


Enables connectivity to any application, database, operating system or cloud

Proven Value

Delivers business value to thousands of enterprise customers, large and small, spanning simple and complex environments


Drives exceptional re-use or deployment transparency across different clouds

Audit Ready

Integrates full audit trail and reporting, for improved compliance and governance


Leverages data analytics to deliver intelligent automation


Enhances your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a unified interface, unified reporting, and unified SLA management


Provides clustered service to ensure reliability and minimal downtime from failure


Come with highly skilled and experienced professional services and support organization, backed by Community marketplace 


Supports your growing business to exceptional levels of scalability

Improved Insights

External data consumption for analytics and presentation improves decision making

Managed File Transfer

Delivers file transfers between your application, your external partners and suppliers

Zero Downtime Upgrade

Manages software updates in a way that there is no need for maintenance window and no downtime for the service

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